Minneapolis kid is ruling the internet with Star Wars ‘The Imperial March’

Kid from Minneapolis is ruling the internet with his impression of 'The Imperial March'

A kid from Minneapolis has been trending on the internet and is entertaining people across the globe. There was a talent show going on in Minneapolis and a kid decided to have his own way. Instead of singing the supposed Twinkle Twinkle little star, the kid took over and started singing something else entirely.

The internet has been going crazy over the video and its the best thing on the internet today. We can see the little kid pushing away his little sister and taking control. He then goes on to sing ‘The Imperial March’ from Star Wars.

Kid from Minneapolis is ruling the internet with his impression of 'The Imperial March'

Darth Vader. Source: Youtube

The Internet’s reaction to the kid

The internet has gone crazy about the Minneapolis ki. He has become a viral sensation and is ruling the hearts of the audience. People are tweeting about him, raving about him. He is on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, everywhere.

People of the internet who used to think this was a boring talent show are now finding it interesting. They believe that the kid has added an oomph factor to the show. It was something that they wouldn’t watch before but now they are keen to watch it. With kids like this coming into the limelight, it’s hard to resist yourself. What the kid sang was just pure gold.

Twitter is buzzing with tweets like these. Everybody is tweeting about him. The story has also been picked up by local news channels. It looks like the kid is getting famous.

Kid from Minneapolis is ruling the internet with his impression of 'The Imperial March'

The Imperial March. The theme of Darth Vader. Source: Youtube

Star Wars: Who is this Minneapolis kid?

One thing is for sure, whoever this kid is, his parents are die-hard Starwars fans. The way he is humming the music of the imperial march says it all.

The video was posted on Twitter by an Erin Gibson. This kid appears to be her nephew as mentioned by her in the tweet. Look at the kids though, they are all so cute. The kid singing has definitely established dominance in the groups. He even pushed his sister while singing and asked her to stay away. We believe this is definitely the best thing on the internet today. Do check the video out if you want to have a laugh.

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