Missed the Northern Lights Show on Monday, No Worries it’s Coming Back

Australians could Experience the Northern Lights this week

The Sun is planning on to give us a good show of northern lights this month. Early Tuesday morning, the sun particles reached the Earth’s magnetic field, and appealing northern lights show was experienced.

It was sudden, and most people missed it. Good news is that this is predicted to occur again on May 14 and May 15 in North America. NASA’s Space Weather Prediction Centre (SWPC) confirms that the Sun particles will enter the magnetic field of Earth.

Reason for Northern Lights Show

The scientific basis tells that it happens due to the magnetic activity in and around a few sunspots. The cycle of Sun repeats in every 11 years. It was quiet and was resting up till two weeks back. The Sun is recorded to be active, and the people of North America will feel the Sun’s presence on Earth.


The northern lights form because of the travelling of charged particles with the assistance of the solar wind. The charged particles then summon up with the molecules of the Earth’s atmosphere. These particles move towards Earth at a higher speed. Most particles fail to enter Earth’s atmosphere as Magnetosphere prevents them, but some particles tend to overpower it.

Updates for the next show

The surprising light show on Monday was missed by many. SWPC forecasted another magnetic field opening soon as the particles ejected from Sun are headed towards Earth. Earth’s Magnetosphere will defend the particles from entering as a whole, but still some particles will manage to dodge it.

You have to wait for the time and take a glimpse of the sky towards your north. Sometimes the particles are so vibrant that they give a treat to the southern people as well. The scientists made it clear that these predictions are entirely based on observations. There is no guarantee of it.

Everyone wishes to see this colourful light show and wants these predictions to be accurate.

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