Missouri House Passes Most Comprehensive Pro-Life Legislation, Banning Abortion at Eight Weeks


Missouri has strictly banned abortion after eight weeks. After the abortion ban for rape and incest in Alabama, Missouri passed a strict law. It means it will become illegal to abort an unborn baby after the 8th week.

Missouri Abortion Ban


On 17th May, a pro-life bill was passed to save unborn babies from abortion. If anyone found guilty for aborting at the eight weeks of pregnancy will have to pay the price. As per the legislation, the state would sentence them imprisonment for a lifetime.

Missouri House Speaker Elijah Haahr said in her statement that every unborn child has the fundamental right to life given by their creator of life. She also added that the life of an unborn child is worth saving. Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser also stated a historic victory to protect the mothers and their unborn child.

Unlike Alabama, the state House did not make any exceptions for incest and rape. However, it has 110-44 approved to strictly punish those who abort after eight weeks. But the law will exclude the ones who have any medical emergency.

Credits: The Kansas City Star

New rules of abortion at eight weeks

As per the bill, the doctors who still perform abortions after the eight weeks will be sent to prison for 5 to 15 years. However, women who undergo abortions would not be prosecuted by the government.

Also, Missouri includes a complete ban on abortions except in serious cases. Women can undergo abortion after the eight weeks if they have any medical emergencies. However, the governor is expected to sign the bill soon. Check for more updates.

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