MLB 2019 rumors : Detroit Tigers in focus as trade deadline looms

MLB rumors : Detroit Tigers in focus as trade deadline looms

Deadline for this year’s MLB 2019 trades is inching closer with all trades set to close by 4PM ET, 31st July. This is much different to yester-years when 31 July was the date of just the non-waiver deadline.

The waiver deadline would then be on 31st August that gave the franchises good time to pick and choose. But this year’s change in pattern has franchises riding their luck as much as tactics.

Change in MLB 2019 deadlines changes trade dynamics

The franchises used to get an extra month to judge the capability of their roster till last year. So they waited to make instant deals for some veterans. They would contemplate on it after looking at the weaknesses to fill the glaring holes or beef up their backups.

“A lot of these executives are very methodical, knowing they have a soft deadline,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said of the previous system. “But now it’s slow-moving and guys are feeling each other out and when it gets 11th hour on July 31st – with a hard deadline – it’s going to be frantic, is my guess.”

So teams don’t have the option of waiting anymore. They would have to go untested waters right now right here as the 11th hour looms for the 4PM ET deadline. A whopping 13 of the 15 MLB 2019 franchises are already just 8 eight games from a playoff spot.

So, the MLB 2019 franchises have to make tough decisions. Then there’s the financial factor. MLB 2019 franchises can no more wait to not pay for a overpriced veteran.

Detroit Tigers would be the biggest sellers

One franchise who could win the award for the worst performers ever is Detroit Tigers. Their recent win over Los Angeles Angels has snapped a long losing streak. They are expected to be the biggest sellers this MLB 2019 trade deadline.

MLB rumors : Detroit Tigers in focus as trade deadline looms

Detroit Tigers have the worst record of all MLB franchises. Image : WOOD.TV

They have a minimum of three players that would definitely sell at MLB 2019 trade. Question is if Nicholas Castellanos, Shane Greene and Matthew Boyd find a suitable buyer just yet. Although the advice from experts is Tigers should keep Matthew Boyd at least for another season.

What uncovers at the D-Day is anybody’s guess but you can follow all the updates on BlockToro.

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