MLB 2019 Trade Rumors : Yankees eyeing options bigger than their appetite

MLB 2019 Trade Rumors : Yankees eyeing options bigger than their appetite

MLB 2019 Trade deadline is fast approaching and Yankees are looking to fill any possible gaps before the regular season. At the same point of time, Arizona Diamondbacks have released right hander, Zack Greinke.

Other major releases right now are D’backs lefty Robbie Ray and Texas Ranger left hander, Mike Minor. As per recent reports by Andy Martino, Yankees might not be looking at Robbie Ray option for MLB 2019. Their main aim for the coming season of MLB 2019 is to seal at least a good starting pitcher.

Since it’s a starting XI move, they should be looking to shell good amounts. Here we look at the possible candidates and the odds Yankees would go for them. That obviously before the 4PM deadline on Wednesday.

MLB 2019: Zank Greinke – Right Hand Pitcher

Age – 35

Measurement – 6’2″, 200pounds

Club – Arizona Diamondbacks

Current Salary – $206m contract, $31.5m in four seasons in 6 years

Free Agency – available after 2021 season

MLB 2019 Trade Rumors : Yankees eyeing options bigger than their appetite

Grienke is the MVP of this year’s trade. Image : USATODAY

Is he worth the buy ?

Grieke’s 2019 stats read 10-4, 2.87 ERA, 22 starts, 141 IP, 115 hits, 46 runs, 45 ER, 14 HR, 18 BB, 128 K. Although there’s no official word about Grieke on Yankees trade list, he could be the guy. He definitely has the ability to turn games on head with a formidable 6time All-Star status.

He has conceded one or no run in 11 of 22 outings this season. Grieke is also currently ranked 7 on ERA overall. Although Phillies and Braves are looking to grab him for MLB 2019, Phillies are on his no-trade list. If the deal does take place, Greike would play against his current team for Yankees on Friday.

Odds- 150/1

Mike Minor – Left Handed Pitcher

Age – 31

Measurement – 6’4″, 210 pounds

Current Salary – $28m in 2017, $9.5m per year

Club – Texas Rangers

Is he worth it ?

Minors last season stats make for a good reading – 8-6, 3.00 ERA, 21 starts, 135 IP, 113 hits, 46 runs, 45 ER, 19 HR, 46 BB, 136 K. Although a bit lower than Grieke, he fits Yankees budget perfectly. The problem though arises if he uses his veto to deal with another club other than Yankees.

Phillies and Brewers who were also on that list aren’t prospective customers anymore though. They grabbed Jordan Lyles and Jason Vargas respectively. If he does manage to land in Yankees,his pitching speed of 92.8 on average can come in handy.

Odds- 35/1

Robbie Ray – Left Handed Pitcher closest to a deal with Yankees

Age – 27

Measurement – 6’2″, 195 pounds

Current Salary – $6.05m

Club – Arizona Diamondbacks

Is he worth it ?

His 2019 stats are the best of the three.  9-7, 3.91 ERA, 23 starts, 129 IP, 110 hits, 63 runs, 56 ER, 23 HR, 58 BB, 173 K. Moreover, Robbie is the cheapest of the lot and Yankees were really close to buy him. That unless the current update from Andy Martino stated otherwise.

Although their top most priority for MLB 2019 is still the top starters,he is the most viable option right now for Yankees. Almost like a backup option he delivers thunderbolts at a good 92.6 mph.

Odds – 7/1

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