MLB 2020 Commencement Date, Alterations, and More

mlb 2020

Baseball fans are getting impatient to view their favorite stars back in action at the Major League Baseball Season 2020. Speculations and rumors have jammed the internet, but we bring to you a compilation of all recent updates and related information about the season.

As with everything else, there are speculations about a delay in MLB 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a halt and the fans are wondering what its impact will be on the upcoming MLB 2020.

To When Has MLB 2020 Been Delayed?

Most sporting events have been adversely impacted by the pandemic induced lockdown intended in favor of maintaining public health and preventing the spread of the deadly virus. A sporting event happens in a stadium full of people from all sorts of areas and this is a guarantee for spreading the virus.

mlb 2020

MLB 2020 was scheduled to commence in the early part of 2020. But as fate would have it, the COVID-19 outbreak pulled the brakes on all sporting events around the globe and evidently, MLB 2020 as well had to be postponed. The official announcement for delay of MLB 2020 was made on 12th March by Major League Baseball. This is only the second time that MLB has been postponed, the first time being in the year 2001 because of 9/11.

A wide array of problems is being expected by the MLB. A return date has not been announced so far because it seems too early to be able to evaluate when the coronavirus situation will normalize. MLB is expecting a significant loss of revenue, which in turn will result in ancillary issues such as payment of players.

MLB 2020: Expected Changes

Following changes may be expected:

  • Reduced number of matches, from 161 to 80.
  • Subject to granting of permission from respective states, teams will be able to play in home parks by following local guidelines.
  • Traveling will be restricted. Schedule will be adjusted so as to keep traveling to a minimum.
  • No fans will attend the matches.
  • Increase in playoffs for MLB 2020.

MLB 2020: Commencement Date

An expected date of commencement is July 2020. However, no official announcements have been made in this regard.

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