MLB Trade News: Cincinnati Reds and Yasiel Puig take an interesting turn

MLB Trade News: Cincinnati Reds and Yasiel Puig take an interesting turn

This year’s MLB Trade has too less to do with final impressions. As the MLB Trade deadline fast approached, Trevor Bauer and Yasiel Puig did their image harm with avoidable acts. But Trevor Bauer and Yasiel Puig got good enough deals at the MLB Trade nonetheless.

Although the trade wasn’t as simple as one-for-one. It was a three team trade that included trading of 7 MLB stars. Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians and San Diego Padres.

Who took whom in 2019 MLB Trade ?

Cincinnati Reds traded Yasiel Puig for Trevor Bauer. The Indians in return though got a host of players. Yasiel Puig aside, the Indians grabbed outfielder Franmil Reyes, pitcher Logan Allen and the infield/outfield prospect Victor Nova from the San Diego Padres. They also got Scot Moss from the Reds.

MLB Trade News: Cincinnati Reds and Yasiel Puig take an interesting turn

The Padres in return received an X-factor outfielder in Taylor Trammell at the MLB Trade. Trammell is a AA class player and of the hottest prospects right now.

Although the teams themselves didn’t announce the deal yet, Yasiel Puig all but confirmed the news. He spoke at the press conference post Reds’ win over Pirates 11-4. Yasiel Puig was also involved in a Brawl with Pirates for a last time with Reds.

“Now it’s time to move forward and go to my new team and help my team get to the playoffs.”

Losing clubs grab elite starters

Although the deadline shift has put the franchises off their post July tactics, the poorer performers have grabbed the best so far. Mets have grabbed Toronto’s Marcus Stroman’s services. With Bauer now reaching the 49-56 losing Reds, they would give their all for the bleak chances of playoff qualification.

The Indians with this move of trading Bauer have taken a big risk this MLB trade. Bauer’s E.R.A of 3.79 is among the top three so far in the league. But their home run average had decreased.

In hope finding their 4th consecutive playoffs spot, they have beefed up their lineup with Puig and Reyes.

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