MLB Trade: Tuesday night trade and deadlines and possibilities

MLB Trade 2019: Will Giants let go any of their hot assets?

MLB trade deadline is hours away now. The strategists have finished planning, and more than one franchises have pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Tuesday night pretty much changed the complexion of this year’s MLB trade.

Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, and San Diego Padres completed a huge three-way deal. Bauer and Puig ended up in a straight swap MLB trade. Indians were the primary beneficiaries with Puig, Reyes, and three other prospects in their kitty.

What does this trade mean for the other franchises? What are the possibilities for hours away from the MLB trade deadline?

Cost of starters to shoot up after Bauer MLB trade

Toronto hardly got a significant enough deal for their MVP starter Stroman. That sent a strong message to the starter selling franchises that the price tags may not be wild.

But with Indians getting Puig, Reyes, another starter Logan Allen for Bauer. Now that is something. As a result, veteran starters can expect an excellent deal soon. Robbie Ray, Syndergaard, and Matthew Boyd are the elite in that department.

Will Giants let go any of their hot assets?

The Giants have the most valuable assets doubtlessly at this MLB Trade deadline. They have one of the market’s top starters in Bumgarner as well as expensive bullpen arms in Will Smith, Sam Dyson, Tony Watson, and Mark Melancon.

MLB Trade : Tuesday night trades build new scenarios

Giants have one of the most sought after Starters in MLB. Image : MLB

So they have an option to give this season a winning shot or sell or two at great prices. Similarly, Arizona Diamondbacks might want to sell something at MLB with bleak chances of playoffs.

Yankees, Dodgers, and Astros though have once again little to worry. Yankees are looking at a starting pitcher and have the option of Robbie Ray still open. Astros have the same requirement.

Dodgers would want to beef up their bullpen stocks. Since there’s little time to the deadline, the next few hours might not matter much anyway to MLB giants. The MLB trade giants are indeed the less performing franchises right now.

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