Monday Night RAW: Roman Reigns gets evades death twice in a week

Roman Reigns gets close-call death twice in a week

The 34 years professional wrestler with his stage name Roman Reigns life is under threat. He gets attacked by an unknown twice in the same week. This incident took place on Monday during Monday night RAW event.

Samuel Joe moves towards parking to call up Roman. Joe is upset with people as they made an accusation for his behaviour behind the stage. Roman comes out from the car and responds to Joe. Suddenly, he hops into the car and a speeding vehicle comes straight and hits his car. He didn’t get an injury but this counts for another attempt to kill him.

Roman Reigns might issue for Summerslam after Smackdown Live

Soon after the attack, Triple H and Joe tries to console Roman Reigns. After all of this, they are unable to find the killer. After all of this, Reigns signs for a Summerslam challenge. And now fans believe the opponent who will fight against him is the suspect.

Roman Reigns gets close-call death twice in a week

Triple-H consoles Roman after the attack
Credits: PinkVilla

Dave Meltzer through a wrestling radio notes that Daniel Bryan is the choice. However, only a single match for Smackdown Live is left. And Summerslam will start soon after the event. During that time Bryan will reveal him as the opponent and hopefully the killer.

David Bryan might be the killer!

On the other hand, WWE teases about Bryan’s career whereas he didn’t disclose anything about it. His announcement is directly related to his upcoming match with Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan may encounter with career altering during the SummerSlam.

Roman Reigns gets close-call death twice in a week

Daniel Bryan might be the killer- rumors
Credits: Mirror

Another report claims that Dolph Ziggler will return in SummerSlam. Dave from his wrestling radio gives hint about his arrival from a report. In the report, Dolph clears statement that he knew Goldberg will return. Thus, it will be fun to watch former WWE stars to wrestle in the nostalgia rings of Summerslam.

Thus, on Tuesday night the officials will confim the opponent of Roman Reigns. And ofcourse, the person behind his two times death escape. The video footage clears that Roman get close-calls from his death.

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