NASA launches mission to land man on Moon again by 2024

Moon project of NASA 'Artemis' 2024

NASA is on its way to reach to the moon again. This may happen by 2024. However, costing of NASA’s plan is some bold number to look upon.

Its estimated cost for the next five years is $20 billion to $30 billion for the Project moon, according to Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s Administrator.

NASA: Planning and goals

NASA's moon project 'Artemis' 2024


It is for the first time that NASA’s member has shared plans and estimated cost of one of their project. The project is named after the Greek moon goddess i.e. Artemis. In the past half century, it is for the first time someone would be stepping on to the moon. NASA’s plan is to send first ever woman to the surface of moon.

Goal of this project is to establish a sustainable way for astronauts to reach to the moon. As NASA is looking forward to establish its long term plan which will help humankind to be able to live on the moon.

Budget and schedule of the mission

Moon project of NASA 'Artemis' 2024

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NASA’s plan earlier was to launch their moon mission in 2028 but the Trump administration wanted to speed up things. As a result, mission is now to be launched in 2024.

Congress members are after NASA’s moon mission budget asking for detailed plan and total costing budget.

Critics have also pointed out that NASA is spending a huge amount of money on space programs over many years, though Apollo mission is the last mission which landed on moon in 1972.

Yet some fear that the funds invested for space mission will be diverted into other programmes by NASA.

A lot has been invested in spacecraft and rocket which will be used for the mission. But the project does receive many criticism from time to time. As NASA is running behind its planned schedule and the money used is over the budget.

Space Launch System is the new rocket that guarantees to be the most excellent vehicle ever build. It is capable enough to take people towards Mars as well as moon.

SLS’s planned budget was $9.7 billion and it was planned to be completed in the year 2017. But NASA has already spent at least $12 billion, and it is expected to be finished around 2021.

It is also accounted to a dropped down expenses of NASA in comparison to many other departments. As for example the annual Defense Department’s budget is high $1.3 trillion per year.
US government is looking up to NASA for its mission to accomplish as per its plan and budget.

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