MTV Hottest Summer Superstar nominees out: BTS and BLACKPINK make it to the top

MTV Hottest Summer Superstar nominees out

The year’s most awaited MTV Hottest Summer Superstar is here and we couldn’t get more excited. The biggest summer music award is returning for the consecutive seventh year. Moreover, this year around 50 world class contestants will be fighting against each other to garner your votes worldwide.

MTV Hottest Summer Superstar reveals 2019’s top contestants

MTV Hottest Summer Superstar nominees out: BTS and BLACKPINK make it to the top

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Although, the MTV  Superstar Award show mainly plots western celebrities against one another. This time, two Korean-pop idols have made their way through all over ethnic prejudices.

You’d be glad to know that BTS and boom-boom BLANKPINK have been this year’s top contenders in MTV Hottest Summer Superstar. The production house has already opened voting lines for the self-proclaimed yet magnificent award show.

After the announcements were out, K-pop fandom took the nominations as a symbol of triumph while pouring out as more votes to make a clean sweep with their icons as the final winners.

MTV Hottest Summer Superstar nominees out: BTS and BLACKPINK make it to the top

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I reckon if other competing celebrities would stand a chance against BTS or BLANKPINK. Moreover, out of global pop lovers, a significant folk resides in native South Korea that swells the k-ideal chances to take the highest of honors at home.

Apart from Korean pop lads like BTS and BLANKPINK, the other deemed winners’ list include Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and The Lion King fame star Beyonce. Not to mention that Selena Gomez swept the game last year while emerging as the MTV’s Hottest Summer Superstar 2018 with more than 48% of net votes.

Previous hottest superstar award holders

Moreover, the handsome hunks of One Direction ran circles around the fellow contestants for three consecutive years. One Direction stood victorious in initial years of award ceremony, commencing from 2013 to 2015.

Let’s wish together for BTS and BLANKPINK to reign supreme for the whole 2019. They deserve the booze, here. So, if you do hope for them to win, start casting your votes on MTV’s official website. You can even register your voting presence through Twitter by using #MTVHottest(celebrity name) hashtag.

Don’t forget to mark MTV ‘s straw polls in favor of your favorite icons by August 19. MTV will assuredly out the results on August 24. Till then you can browse, and browse and scroll to see if your favorites stand any lucky chance to win this game.

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