My Hero Academia Chapter 271 Spoilers and Release Date

my hero academia

The pro-heroes are set to deal with the approaching nightmare in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 271. Tomura Shigaraki will rise and will be powered with a hard to beat quirk.

my hero academia

Alert: Spoilers coming up from “My Hero Academia” Chapter 271

After a one-week hiatus, “My Hero Academia” Chapter 10 is scheduled for May 10 (Sunday) release. The chapter is titled “Succession” in which Doctor Garaki upon getting captured is asked to keep Nomus from attacking.

Meanwhile, X-less has been asked by Present Mic to deal with Shigaraki. X-less finds out that the tubes have been acting as a cushion keeping the machines alive and kicking. He decides upon dismantling it before it is too late.

In the meaning Garaki shares with Present Mic that 70 years ago his thesis about singularity had been unfairly dismissed and made fun of, by the society. He also states that his study has now took shape of a sort of a cult.

He recollects being sent away in exile when the only one who extended support was All For One. Garaki draws a comparison between himself and real God. He mentions devotion of his quirk, Preservation, to All For One.

As he is taken away by Present Mic, Garaki reveals that the quirk in his body is the original’s replica. In all likeliness, the Preservation quirk has kept All For One alive.

As Shigaraki meets his older sister Hana Shimura, he seems to be dreaming. Tomura should have done that to him, expresses she.

In his dreams, Tomura witnesses his mother. He relieves her concerns about her son by saying he is fine. The visuals are suggestive of them trying to get hold of him. He meets his master as well.

Towards “My Hero Academia” Chapter 270’s end, others are being warned by Deku that he is coming. “My Hero Academia” Chapter 271 will reveal who this new threat, that Deku was warning about, is.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 271 Release Date

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 271 is scheduled for a May 17 (Sunday) release.

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