My Hero Academia Chapter 285 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks: Bakugo dies protecting Deku from Shigaraki

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My Hero Academia Chapter 285 has fans waiting with baited breaths. In upcoming chapter, the powerful villain Shigaraki is fighting against the Pro-heroes. This fight is probably entering a vital stage. But one huge drawback Deku and the others are going to face is that their opponent seems to have grown immune to Deku’s full-powered attacks.

Shigaraki adapts to Deku’s attacks

As the fight continues, Shigaraki might gain a favourable position. In the previous chapter, Shigaraki seemed to have gained some kind of resistance to Deku’s full-powered attacks. And Deku observed it, as well. He said, “Looks like he’s adapted to my 100 percent attacks and taking hits.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 285

One good news is that Deku’s attacks appear to negatively affect the villain’s healing capability. The Pro-hero noted that Shigaraki’s wounds are healing slower and there’s still some damage left to his body even after the healing process.

 Deku pushes One For All to its limits

In addition to all this, Deku is reaching his limits too. As a result, he won’t be able to continue fighting before long. Deku is losing control of his Black Whip that has kept Shigaraki bound.

His last two 100 per cent attacks have left him damaged as well. He destroyed his left arm in the process. This suggests that he will in all probability unleash one last full-powered attack on Shigaraki. Before the MHA Chapter 284 got over, the Pro-hero was determined to use up his all into one last attack against the villain. He plans to use everything that One For All has to offer no matter what happens to him just so he could damage his opponent. He said–

“Now’s the moment to let it all out!”

Bakugo is all set to face Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Chapter 285

We still cant say if Deku’s final move would be effective against Shigaraki. However, there’s that exciting probability that MHA Chapter 285 would possibly feature the unpredictable effects of unleashing Deku’s last One-for-All attack on Shigaraki.
Although, it’s possible that despite such a powerful move, Shigaraki can somehow survive the fight. Since Deku seemed to be giving his all on this ultimate attack, he could be hurt to the extent of not having the ability to fight in MHA Chapter 285.

This could mean that somebody must face Shigaraki. Some MHA spoilers suggest that it might be Bakugo’s chance to face Shigaraki to buy time for Deku to recover. This move might result in Shigaraki killing Bakugo, giving Deku all the more reason to finish the villain.

My Hero Academia Chapter 285 will be released on Sept. 27, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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