My Hero Academia Chapter 286 Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans and Release Date News

My Hero Academia Deku and Bakugo

My Hero Academia Chapter 285 portrayed Deku using One for All against Shigaraki. Shigaraki cannot hold his ground against combined forces of Deku and Endeavor. Therefore, he is forced to lend his body to All for One. This move is out of character for Shigaraki, as he took control over things just a couple chapters ago.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki

Whether that’s actually the real All for One or just a remnant like Deku has inside him of all the previous wielders, we don’t know yet. But the odds are that Shigaraki will take back control for sure. It is just a matter of time, as this was a desperate move.

The legendary villain is now attacking the already messed up heroes with full force. He probably hopes to retrieve his younger brother’s powers. Bakugo intervenes in between and saves Deku. Bakugo got stabbed. Fans speculate that he may not die, but Deku will now owe him one for life.

My Hero Academia Deku and Bakugo

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 may show Endeavor protecting Bakugo.

Parallels have been set up between Deku-Bakugo and All Might-Endeavor. Just like Deku and Bakugo have been rivals for a long time, All Might and Endeavor have also been on opposite sides. On one hand, Deku and All Might are all rainbows and unicorns. While on the other hand, Bakugo and Endeavor are cold and serious kind.

When Deku saved Bakugo from the monster, All Might was the one who rescued Deku. Likewise, as Bakugo is saving Deku now, with Endeavor closeby there is no way Endeavor wouldn’t jump in to save his protege.

Both Deku and Bakugo are dedicated heroes, in spite of having opposing personalities. And so are All Might and Endeavour. Additionally, in their race for the top spot, Deku is ahead right now. Similarly, All Might had become Numero Uno and Endeavor coming second.

My Hero Academia Endeavor and Bakugo

Hopefully, My Hero Academia Chapter 286 could focus more on Todoroki. Despite being the tertiary character, he has received very less attention in the present arc. Although he has a powerful quirk, he can just support the fight in a very small way. He hasn’t been able to contribute much this time, thus far.

Undeterred by the fact that they are simply trainees, Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki are fighting a man’s battle. The trio have come a long way, and have flourished well under the U.A’s guidance. As a result, they are acknowledged as heroes.

Chapter 286 Release Date

Boku no hero academia Chapters first become available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. 2-3 days before their official release date, raw scans are released. MHA chapter 286 release date is on the 4th of October.

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