My Hero Academia Chapter 286 Spoilers Unconfirmed: Shoto Todoroki vs Shigaraki Fight Confirmed

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 Spoilers Unconfirmed- Shoto vs Shigaraki Fight Confirmed

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 spoilers are finally out but nothing has been confirmed at this point. Fans should wait for MHA Chapter 286 raw scans leaks to come out and get verified by trusted sources.

One should take all the Boku no Hero Academia spoiler with a grain of salt until the leaks and raw scans are verified. For those who are interested in reading the unconfirmed My Hero Academia 286 spoilers and leaks, proceed at your own risk as it could be real or fake.

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 Spoilers and Leaks Unconfirmed

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 Spoilers and Leaks Unconfirmed 

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 Spoilers Unconfirmed 

The only uninjured hero in striking distance to fight Shiggy is Shoto. Shoto does still care for endeavor, watching him get hurt will upset him greatly. Shoto also has first aid wee-wee’s ready to go, presuming he didn’t use all his supplies on Eraser and Gran Torino.

Deku is badly damaged but gives absolutely no fucks about his health anymore, and seeing his frienemy and new mentor take serious damage will set him off again.

Gigantomachia is still on his way with the league. Uraraka, Froppy, and Iida are in GM’s path, but have already considered chasing Shoto towards Deku / Bakugo / Shiggy.

Lastly, Shiggy will win if he touches the ground while conscious.

Shoto Has to step up and fight, hopefully with his own on-the-fly attempt at prominence burn.

Deku will briefly prioritize Endeavor and Bakugo’s safety while Shoto covers.

Uraraka / Froppy / Iida will use a quirk combo to get ahead of GM and the league to warn the others, and will help evacuate Eraser and GT. Bakugo and Endeavor will refuse to leave the fight, if they are still conscious.

Deku will lose the use of an arm permanently after a plus-ultra 1000000% black whip supported punch.

Gigantomachia will grab Shiggy’s crispy unconscious body and retreat, while Dabi stays behind.

Dabi = Toya reveal, Dabi finishes off Endeavor, Shoto fights him but Dabi escapes.

The result of the arc is a collapse of hero society as the new #1 is dead, most top heroes are seriously injured, and the Liberation Army’s message is ringing loud and clear.

Source: My Hero Academia Reddit Community

My Hero Academia 286 Spoilers will be updated once the raw scans leaks are verified and fans must not believe the unconfirmed spoilers.

My Hero Academia 286 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

My Hero Academia 286 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 286 release date is delayed and updated to Sunday, October 4, 2020, in stores as per the official manga website. The raw scans for My Hero Academia 286 manga chapter are already leaked out but the spoilers are not verified and hence must wait for the official manga release.

Fans can read My Hero Academia chapter 286 for free on VIZ media, Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official website and platforms. One should always read the manga from their official websites for free as it would help the creators and inspire them to make more interesting stories.

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