My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Spoilers, Summary: Ochako vs Toga Fight to save the Citizens

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Spoilers, Summary- Ochako vs Toga Fight to save the Citizens

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 spoilers are finally out in Japanese and fans have already translated the spoilers and leaked raw scans. It is still a few days before the official English version of the manga chapter and hence fans should wait for that. In case, you want to read what happens in My Hero Academia 288 chapter, proceed at your own risk and it contains the full summary and spoilers for the manga chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Spoilers and Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Spoilers and Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Title: “Rescue!! Takeo-San”

My Hero Academia 288 Spoilers and Full Summary

The first scene shows a Helicopter carrying a big a cable roll with a mysterious Hero (Best Jeanist???) that rushed the helicopter pilot to get to the main war area.

The next scene shows Gigantomachia going forward while destroying everything it passes by and the Heroes are following the monster. The Pro Heroes wants to save as many citizens as possible from the wrath of Machia.

The League of Villain is watching the Heroes on a screen that projects video they have gotten from a satellite.

Toga Himiko wanted to separate herself and go to Ochako to ask questions. Mister Compress tried to stop her and asked Dabi to scold her as well. But Dabi didn’t cared and proceeded to threat Skeptic to proceed with their plan or he will fry him to death.

Spinner tells Toga that she’s not the only one regressing Twice’s death and told her she could go if she wanted to, but just make sure to come back to them.

The next scene is Uravity and Froppy doing their rescue mission, until an old lady called them and asked them to help her carry her bedridden husband to safety, because she couldn’t do it herself. Uravity Ochako followed the old lady, while Froppy proceeded with the rescue.

The old lady led her to a small alley while running fast, and Ochako was amazed at the strength of her legs. She was being dramatic and called her husband’s name “Takeo-San!” and saying that she’s strong because Takeo-san had loved her. Ochako was moved and cheered up saying that she will definitely save her husband.

Right after Uravity said that, the old lady’s body started to melt and she changed to Toga Himiko. Ochako was shocked to see Toga and followed her to a place that seemed like an old abandoned house. Once Uravity enters, without showing her whereabouts, Toga says she loves Tsuyu because she’s cute and precious, really loved Izuku because he looks so cool, when he was all beaten up, and loved Ochako as well because she’s cute and Toga wanted to be like her.

Suddenly Toga appears and went on top of Ochako with a knife, while Ochako falls on her back. Toga asked her, “what do you want to do to me?” Ochako was furious at Toga because she drank the blood of that old lady only to ask that kind of question. Ochako answered with, “I want to save as many people as possible, If you are coming in the way, I’ll capture/arrest you.

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Ends

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My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Read Online Manga

My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Read Online Manga

My Hero Academia chapter 288 can be read for free on VIZ media, Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official website and platforms. My Hero Academia Chapter 288 release date is set as Friday, October 16 as per the official manga website.

The raw scans for My Hero Academia 288 manga chapter are already leaked online and spoilers are available on social media platforms, but it would be better to wait for the official release.

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