My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Full Summary, Spoilers, Raws Leaks and Read Manga Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Full Summary, Spoilers, Raws Leaks and Read Manga Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 spoilers are finally out and fans have compiled a full summary based on the leaked raws. It is still a few days left for the MHA manga chapter 296 to come out but spoilers are always out earlier during the Holidays. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia Chapter 296 spoilers, raws leaks, full summary, and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Spoilers and Raws Leaks

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 spoilers and raws leaks are out as the physical manga copies are always printed on an advance schedule. However, there will be several translation errors and other issues in the scanlations and hence it would be better to wait for the official English My Hero Academia 296 manga chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Read Manga Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 can be read for free on several sites and here are the official sources that are totally legal. The latest three chapters of My Hero Academia manga series are always free to read and hence one should use the following websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.

  • VIZ media
  • Shonen Jump
  • Mangaplus

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 will release on Sunday, January 3rd and fans can read it around 11 am EST.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Title: “Extremely, Hell”

The chapter started with a panel showing a destroyed city. Then the narration explained that all the front line survivors, heroes who were in charge of evacuation and rescue, and all others who finished each of their tasks headed to the front line.

Everyone who was still able to “move” tried to stop Shigaraki from retreating. But the “Near High-end” Nomus appeared to divert the heroes’ attention. In the end they were able to stop 3 “Near High-ends”, but the remaining 7 + Shigaraki and some LOV members were able to conceal themselves.

Giganto Machia and Mr. Compress were captured/arrested. In the Gunga Mountain Resort, Redestro, Geten, Trumpet, along with 16,929 ppl from the Paranormal Liberation Front were captured. But because of Machia’s “parade”, they failed to capture 132 PLF (including the executives). But they were able to suppress PLF “branches” and sympathizers that scattered around the countries.

Information from Ryukyu Agency’s interns, Toga Himiko is still on the run, but still close. A hero was shown to be desperate and called Toga “shitty brat”. There are a lot of citizens that were still trapped under the rubbles. A little girl seemed to be trying to pull her older brother who was trapped under a big wall chunk.

The older brother told her to leave because it’s dangerous. If she listens to him and leaves, he tells her that he will give her his Endeavor pouch. The girl said she doesn’t want it, and just wanted to be with her brother. Uravity and Froppy came just in time to save the 2 kids from a building falling on to them.

As everyone was busy, a hero was shown to stand in despair saying “let’s stop this, I can’t do this anymore, I will need to find a new job”

Kirishima, Mina, and Yaomomo were shown to be crying over Midnight’s death. The narration said Shigaraki was dead. The moment the equipment was broken, the hope to resuscitate him was gone as well. What revived Shigaraki was ONLY his dream and hatred, and due to Shigaraki’s persistence a lot of people died.

The civilians were saying that Dabi was annoying, but they’re wondering, if what he said was true, what would Endeavor do. They want Endeavor to explain everything tomorrow (while the panel shows that he’s injured and unconscious). Some civilians saying that they want to move abroad but the other civilians saying they have no money to do so.

The 2 kids from Bakugo and Shoto’s extra lesson were conversing. One of them said “are we gonna be okay” and the other said “We’ll be okay because we have 5 weenies”.

And then they show AFO in tartarus saying that now is his turn, he’s ordering the Nomus to “release” his body, implying that they might attack tartarus.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Ends

Source: Atsushi on Twitter

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