My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Full Summary, Spoilers: Bakugu and Shoto wakes up in the Hospital

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Full Summary, Spoilers- Bakugu and Shoto wakes up in the Hospital

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 full summary has finally been compiled based on the manga spoilers. It deals with the aftermath of the PLF war and shows the injured heroes waking up in the hospital. MHA 298 spoilers are already trending on Twitter and fans who are not interested in reading them, should avoid it. For those who are reading ahead, here is the final warning for My Hero Academia Chapter 298 spoilers and summary.

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Full Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Full Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Full Summary, Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter Title 298: Crumbling Sound

The first part of the chapter is a flashback when the heroes are raiding Jakku hospital. There are Redestro’s monologues implying that all the costs that League of Villains spent (them eating Sushi, buying a new Coat, Twice being able to be in a hideout together and not be in a hospital) is all covered by them (implying LOV owed them).

The next panel showed a narration by Redestro, saying that he always had 2 faces; The one that the public knows is the CEO of Detnerat, and the other face being the leader of PLF. The narration said that ever since the war in Deika city, he literally became “2 people”.

The next panel showed Redestro in a gigantic form and kind of muddy(?), and he seemed to be winning against some heroes and the public safety commission. He said that he knew the commission was targeting him by pretending to order support items to them. The public safety said that they didn’t expect him to come at them with an attack this powerful. He said that he wanted real freedom, and “The seed had been scattered (‘planted) all over the Place”.

The time and place changed into 6 hours after the Tartarus prison break. AFO (In Tomura’s body) is instructing the LOV to protect Tomura’s body while they are resting. Spinner showing a bewildered face saying “We used to talk about games and stuff, who am I following right now?”. AFO  told them not to worry because he understood Tomura’s will the most, and once the body is completed, he will fulfill the will.

And then, the panel changed and there’s a 2 days time skip from the time of the war. In the next panel, we see Bakugo regaining consciousness. He immediately sat down and stripped off his oxygen mask while holding his injured abdomen, seemingly in pain. And then we can see Mineta, Sato, Sero, and Hagakure visiting his room, with Minetae crying with relief seeing Bakugo awake. Byakugo yelled at them and they once felt relieved because it’s the usual Bakugo. They are all staying in “Central Hospital ” which has the
highest spec of medical facilities.

Bakugo then asked about Deku, Todoroki, Sensei, Senpai, and Endeavor. He also wanted to know about the current situation.

Grand Torino and Aizawa were shown to regain consciousness. Present Mic was with Aizawa and as he was about to tell Aizawa about Midnight, Aizawa cut him, telling him to not talk about it, and then he asked about his students.

Todroki was awake with his face fully bandaged. There are Kirishima, Mina, Momo in his room, cheering him up. The next panel showed Natsuo and Fuyumi walking inside the hospital with a bunch of reporters asking them questions about Endevaor and Dabi and it is implied that they want answers right now.

Todoroki was analyzing the situation. He remembered how strong Dabi’s fire was, he said it was a fire full of hatred. Shouto show the old him in Dabi, and then he drew the conclusion that Endeavor wouldn’t be able to ‘do” it and he should be the one to handle “Touya-Ni”. Todroki’s throat was said to be burned so currently he can’t speak.

The next panel showed Bakugo being pulled by Mineta and Sato, as he
tried to march down the hospital corridor. They told Bakugo that he would die if he kept moving, but Bakugo told them to stop pulling because he’ll die even
more. He is heading to Deku’s room after he heard that everyone else had gained consciousness except for Deku and said, ‘I’ll kill that bastard if he dies”.

The last panel showed Deku lying in the hospital bed unconscious with All Might sitting on the chair besides his bed.

My Hero Academia Chapter 299 Preview: Villain’s forces have grown stronger and made heroes in pinch! The story takes a new turn!

Source: @Atsushi on Twitter

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 will release on Sunday, January 24 at 11 am EST and fans can read it online for free from Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus platforms.

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