My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Full Summary Spoilers: Rei wants to talk about Touya Todoroki

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Full Summary Spoilers- Rei wants to talk about Touya Todoroki

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 full summary spoilers are finally out as the manga raws are generally out by Thursday. The vague leaks, title and spoilers for the My Hero Academia 300 chapter were already out and the sources have now compiled and translated everything into a detailed summary. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains the full summary for My Hero Academia Chapter 300 and hence proceed ahead at your own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Title: Todoroki-kun’s Family Hell 2

The chapter starts with the villains roaming around the city and the narration says that they have caused a lot of panic, and the existence of Nomus is adding more to the chaos.

The citizens have always leaved in fear ever since the Nomu appeared (Chapter 186 when Endeavor and Hawks teamed up). That fear and anxiety have finally exploded now.

The next panel shows a villain rampaging (The villain was caught by Bakugo and Todoroki in Chapter 219). He was free and attacking the citizens for money, and the citizens were fighting back using support items.

Hero wash was shown to come and protect the citizens. The narration explained that what Redestro meant by the seed has been planted in Chapter 298 was referring to how the citizens are now trying to rely on themselves and support items, instead of relying on the Heroes to help.

The problem is that the citizens never received the proper training to defend themselves and ending up causing a lot of damage to the city. Hero wash was seen getting scolded by the citizens.

The narration said the number of Heroes have decreased and the next panel shows No. 9 Hero Yoroimusha announcing his retirement as the citizens are angry with him. Yoroimusha internally says he only wants to be appreciated.

The amount of Heroes quitting and changing their line of work continues. For the first time in the world that was once peaceful, people really asked what is the meaning of Heroes. The panel shows a statue of All Might with a sign board saying “I am not here.”

People are starting to screen/filter Heroes based on their own judgement. One of the panel during narration shows Stain pulling out his sword. The people are putting all the blame on shoulder of one Hero, Endeavor.

In the next panel we see Endevaor waking up, still hazy from the anaesthesia. The Doctor explained his condition and said that they all still support him. Endevor see the flashback of what happened in the fight agains Touya and even though Best Jeanist appearing might cause in Dabi’s claim, the truth itself that he abused his family can not be overturned.

The panel shows an image of little Touya pulling his hair that turns white which implies that he wished to train with Endeavor, but was not allowed to do so. Enji says that whatever is happening with him is fault and he is paying for the sins he did back in the days.

Although Enji is alive, Endeavor has died, because he can’t bring himself to a fight against his son who is a mass murderer.

Shoto appeared in Enji’s room shocked to see his dad crying and then he bolted out. Enji screams “Shoooto” telling him to come back. Shoto whispered he is crying to the rest of the family, and then Fuyumi and Natsuo also appeared together with Shoto. Fuyumi is glad that they can all meet face to face.

Natsuo asked Enji, why is he crying? Enji continues to cry and aplogizes saying that everything is too late. My regrets, my guilt, everything is too late and right now My Heart is broken, and I lost the will to live.

Rei appears in the room with a flower in her hand that Enji used to bring her, and asked Enji, “Your heart is what? Everyone is filled with more guilt and regrets compared to you.”

Enji was shocked and said,”Rei, why are you here?”

Rei answered, “I cam here to talk about the Todoroki family, about Touya…”

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Ends

No Break Next Week, My Hero Academia Chapter 301 comes out on next Sunday, February 14th.

Source: Atsushi on Twitter

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