My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Full Summary Spoilers: Touya, Rei and Endevor Backstory Revealed

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Full Summary Spoilers- Touya, Rei and Endevor Backstory Revealed

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 spoilers and leaks were out on early Wednesday and fans have now also compiled a full manga summary based on them. It seems that the manga storyline is getting very emotional as the Todoriki family backstory is revealed.

Fans will get to see the start of Enji and Rei’s relationship in My Hero Academia 301 chapter and what made Touya become Dabi. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia Chapter 301 spoilers and full summary, hence one must proceed ahead at your own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Full Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Full Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Detailed Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Title: Careless Handling of Fire, First Part 

The chapter starts with a flashback of Enji meeting Rei’s family to propose to her. They seemed very pleased, having Endeavor reaching out to them to ask for their daughter in marriage. Rei’s family said that Rei would be a suitable partner for a top hero. She was described in the narration as a “woman as cold as ice”.

It was written that Rei still accepted Enji’s marriage proposal even after knowing that this was a “quirk marriage”. The wording implied that Enji expected her to refuse the proposal. The panel shows young Enji and Rei walking in the park, and Rei stopped to enjoy the view of flowers (Rindou Flowers). Enji asked her if she likes flowers to which she answered “yes, they’re so pretty”. Enji described Rei as someone “so strong. yet might melt and fade if he touched her.”

The next panel returned to the present time in the hospital, where Enji was shocked to see Rei, but asked her if she’s okay. Rei said “I’m not okay, that’s why I came here.”

The next panel shows the present Dabi after retreating. He’s talking by himself, saying that he got burned pretty bad and he couldn’t feel anything. He thought to himself, he knew that Enji wouldn’t die with that degree of injury because he is his dad. Even if he wanted to die, he wouldn’t. Dabi said “It’s the right time to come out.”

He continued his monologue saying that can’t wait to see Endeavor’s suffering expression and it’s been a long way up till this point. He continued with saying “Todoroki Enji, mother, Fuyumi-chan, Natsu-kun, Shouto… Look at me in the pit of hell.

The panel switched to flashback when Enji stopped training with little Touya once he had shown symptoms of burn from the training. Touya was whining, asking Enji to train with him. Enji refused for Touya’s own good.

The panel switched to flashbacks of Enji and Rei in the hospital asking about Touya’s condition. The doctor explained that his case is an unusual occurrence. The fire “quirk” gene kept getting stronger, but at the same time the ice “body” gene kept getting stronger as well (his body is suitable for ice quirk and can withstand cold, but his quirk is fire).

The panel switched back to Touya whining about training together and said that he can withstand a bit of burn and pain. Little Fuyumi told Touya that she’d be worried if Touya got hurt (while munching on her snack) and Touya got angry and told her girls wouldn’t understand.

Touya said that he already decided that he wanted to surpass All Might, and that his dad was the one who lit the fire. The next panel shows Rei disagreeing with whatever Enji was saying (they didn’t show what Endeavor said), because Rei said, Enji’s kids already knew what he expected of them and “that” would be too cruel. E

nji looked down and said this is so Touya would give up, because no matter what he said Touya wouldn’t stop and keep burning himself. Enji then said that “Touya can’t surpass All Might.”

Natsuo was born and the panel shows Enji getting more and more restless in trying to catch up to All Might. The next panel shows Rei stopped “looking” at Enji and Shoto was born. They were all smiling but in a very distorted way. Touya proceeded to train while burning himself and said “father, I can surpass him, look… I can produce such strong fire…”

Enji scolded Touya telling him to stop and asked him why he couldn’t understand. He told Touya to look at the world “outside”. Play with his siblings, make friends at school, and there are a lot of other worlds outside the hero world, he then could forget about being a hero as he starts doing those things. Touya then refused and said there’s now way he’d understand because “I’m your son.”, while starting to use his quirk.

Rei was walking towards Touya saying that she should cool him down. Touya continued by saying there’s no way the fire that Enji had lit within him could fade, and there’s no way he could make everything gone. That’s the turning point for Touya, as he stopped calling Enji “father” and he said “look at me, Endeavor.”

He then tried to attack baby Shoto whom Rei was carrying. The flashback ends and the next panel was Rei in the present time telling Enji “you’re not the one who suffers the most, but you’re not the only one who didn’t LOOK at that kid.” implying that she shares the responsibility of turning Touya into Dabi.

It is revealed that Rei came from a family called Himura, a prestigious and noble family (with a long history).

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Ends

Source: Deku’s Notebook on Twitter

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 will release on Sunday, February 14th and fans can read online the manga legally for free from the following sources:

  • Viz Media
  • Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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