My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Full Summary Spoilers: Entire Todorki Family turns Touya into Dabi

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Full Summary Spoilers- Entire Todorki Family turns Touya into Dabi

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 full summary has finally been compiled by fans and it explains how Touya Todoroki became Dabi. The manga story focuses entirely on the Todoroki family and explains how everyone is wrong and yet no one had bad intentions at the same time. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia Chapter 302 full summary spoilers, and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Full Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Full Summary and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Detailed Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Title: “The Wrong Way to Put Out Fire, Part 2”

The chapter started with Enji telling Rei that the other kids shouldn’t go anywhere near Shouto (after the Touya-trying-to-attack-Shoto incident). He hired a servant because he’s busy with work and couldn’t watch them all the time. Rei was told to not let Touya out of her sight.

Rei responded saying she wanted Enji to look at Touya, but Enji said that he could only show Touya the hero world (implying that him being near Touya wouldn’t do any good when they’re trying to separate Touya and the hero world). Rei responded saying that Enji was just running away.

The next scene showed Fuyumi (12yo) and Natsuo (8yo) inviting Touya (13yo) to play ball with them. Shoto was shown to watch them playing from afar when Enji pulled him to start training. Shoto asked his dad to let him play with them, it’s okay even if it’s only once, but Enji said no. Touya was shown to look at them with malicious eyes.

The next scene showed Touya talking to Natsuo, saying that even though he was wrong for trying to attack Shoto who was innocent, his dad was to blame as well. He then continued talking while Natsuo was shown to be really tired and wanting to sleep. Natsuo told Touya to talk to Fuyumi instead of him some times, but then Touya got offended and almost cried saying that Natsuo should not rebuked him like that, and he was talking to Natsuo because he thought that Natsuo was the only who could understand since all the women in this family were no good.

The next scene showed Rei trying to stop Touya from leaving at their house entrance. Rei told him to go play with his friends instead of training, but Touya said he didn’t need any friends because they all lived in a different world. Rei asked Touya if he seriously wanted to become a hero. Because Rei herself felt shackled by her marriage with Enji, so she wanted Touya to look at the world outside, and not only his father’s world. By doing so she believed that he could be the person he really wanted to be.

It gave the opposite effect because Touya got mad and yelled at Rei, implying that she didn’t know anything and mocked her asking if she read any inspirational book or something. Touya proceeded to tell Rei that Touya was born because Rei’s mother sold her to Enji, which means she’s also conspiring to all this.

The next panel revealed that Touya was born between January 1 and April 1. It was shown that he just found out if he’s being emotionally aroused, his fire power went up. This is when his fire turned from red to blue. He wanted to show Enji this new knowledge. But he also found out then when he’s emotionally aroused his tears would come out.

He invited Enji to come with him to their training ground during Enji’s next day off, but Enji immediately found out that Touya was secretly training using the body part that’s covered by clothes. Touya said that we still didn’t know if Shouto could surpass All Might. And Touya wanted his dad to feel he was right for creating Touya.

Enji got furious at Rei for letting Touya train and he was shown to abuse her. Shouto was trying to stop Enji from doing so. Fuyumi and Natsuo were shown to hide while covering their ears. Rei thought to herself that although she had limited choices, this marriage is the path she chose at her own will. She thought she could fill it with laughter.

The scene returned to the present time at the hospital where they remembered that Enji didn’t show up to the training ground and Touya was alone waiting. But Rei admitted that she also ignored that even when she knew.

The panel switched to the present Dabi remembering how he “died” of getting burned by his own fire after feeling angry that Enji didn’t show up. He said at that time he didn’t know how to stop the fire because his dad only taught him to increase the fire.

The present Enji said that at the time, after he “killed” Touya he didn’t know what else to do other than focusing on Shouto. Rei said after Touya died, she got disgusted seeing Enji got even more obsessed and started to see Enji’s shadow when she looked at her own children. Fuyumi said that she knew what’s going on but she pretended that everything was fine. Natsuo said that Enji started everything and Enji was the reason that all these happened.

But even so Natsuo admitted that he didn’t do anything as well. if only he faced Touya, hit him back to his senses, Dabi might not have been born, and he could treat Soba for Shouto. So Rei said that everyone felt each of their own responsibilities, and not everything was Enji’s responsibility alone. So Enji had to be the one to face Dabi. If he fell they will lift him back up. Enji was shocked to hear what Rei said to the point he asked if she’s really Rei.

Rei gave the credit to Shouto, for going to UA, made friends, and in the end put them all back together. She said that Shouto had become Todoroki’s family’s hero.

Shouto explained to Enji that before coming to this room he had talked with Rei, saying since Enji can’t fight Dabi anymore he will be the one to face Dabi. But Rei told him no. Shouto told Enji that if he’s done crying let’s go and stop Dabi together with everyone. The last panel showed Hawks and Jeanist heard them from outside the hospital room (Bakugo was not there).

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Ends

Source: My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Summary on Twitter by Deku’s Notebook

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