My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Title Leaks, Spoilers: The Todoroki Family Drama continues

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Title Leaks, Spoilers- The Todoroki Family Drama continues

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 spoilers are finally out with the manga raws and leaks arriving on the internet. The manga storyline continues the Todoroki family drama and explains things in detail regarding Touya becoming Dabi. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia Chapter 320 spoilers, title, leaks, and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Title Leaks and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Title Leaks and Spoilers 

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Title: “The Wrong Way to Put Out Fire, Part 2”

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation

After the incident, Enji wouldn’t let any of his kids approach Shoto. 5 years later, Shoto was forced by Enji to train while his brothers were playing together. Touya watched Shoto with his evil looks from afar.

Touya said to Natsuo he was wrong for attacking Shoto, but his father was wrong too. Because he kept making kids but when they didn’t show good results, he threw them away.

Natsuo didn’t care because he didn’t understand, which upset Touya because he thought as a brother Natsuo would have understood.

Touya said the women in this family were all failures, that’s the reason he didn’t talk to them. Rei stopped Touya from training in mountain. She said Touya should look up to someone else other than his father so he can become an ideal being. This enraged Touya

Touya said Rei was just sold to Enji because her granparents were poor. That’s the reason he was born.

At age 13 in winter, he finally learnt how to use Blue Flame. The trigger was his emotional excitement & because of the change in his body. He wants to show it to Enji so he could finally say he’s glad Touya is born. This enraged Enji

He angrily entered Rei’s room (probably hit her) asking why didn’t she stop Touya. Little Shoto tried to stop Enji but he ordered him to go away.

Rei said she couldn’t stop him and Enji never came to mountain. This upset Touya and his tears changed into flames burning his entire body. The reason why he got burned is because Enji didn’t teach him how to properly control the flame increase level.

That incident made a gap in the family. Natsuo said it all started because of Enji. But he’s at fault too, if that time he faced Touya, probably Dabi wouldn’t have been born. Rei said all of them are responsible for Touya.

She said Shoto who should’ve hated them right now still considers her as mother and became a hero. Shoto consulted with Rei about his decision to fight Touya if Enji can’t do it but it seems he can’t do it alone. He said the time to cry is over.

Now all of them will stop Touya together. Best Jeanist and Hawks overheard the conversation in the corridor smiling hearing their determination.

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 last line: “They can’t stop here! Let’s Go Endeavor!!”

There is no break next week, My Hero Academia Chapter 303 releases on 28th February

Source: My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Spoilers on Twitter by Atsushi

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Raws Scans and Full Story Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Raws Scans and Full Story Summary  

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 raws scans will also be out soon as the text spoilers are already leaked. Although, it would be better to wait for the official release of the manga chapter on Sunday and read it from the legal sources.

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 full summary will be compiled soon based on the leaks and it will be updated here too.

Fans can read My Hero Academia chapter 302 on February 21st at 11 am EST from the following platforms:

  • Viz Media
  • Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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