My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Full Summary Spoilers: Bakugo tries to Wake Up Deku from Coma

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Full Summary Spoilers- Bakugo tries to Wake Up Deku from Coma

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 full summary has finally been compiled based on the manga spoilers and leaks. The detailed events of the manga storyline show the aftermath of the Todoriki family drama and the latest updates on Deku too. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia Chapter 303 full summary spoilers and hence one must read ahead at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Title: “Top 3”

The manga chapter starts with Hawks and Best Jeanist appearing in Enji’s hospital to inform that they have heard everything and asked if they could join in their little family trip. As soon as Rei saw them, she kneeled to the ground and apologized to them for what Dabi did to them. Jeanist helped her to get up and said that they are sorry to overhear their family conversation as eavesdropping is illegal.

Jeanist explains that they are trying to understand the root cause of Dabi’s resentment and will interrogate him directly to understand how he survived and turned into Dabi. Hawks asked if the burn scar was also from Enji, to which Rei replies that she was the one who did it. Hawks then regrets turning his back on his parents, unlike Shoto and tells him that he is so cool.

Hawks then tells Enji that the world outside is a total hell, he also informs him about the status of the escaped prisoners, 7 high-end Nomus, and the Tartarus prison break. The Hero Commission is not operating as the main members are dead or heavily injured and most of the Heroes are quitting. He continues that the citizens are now using support items to defend themselves and it is causing more damage. Hawks also says to Enji that Rei is right and he did the right thing.

Hawks also tells Enji he and Enji will fight together with him, so his shoulder will feel a little lighter. Enji was touched with all the support he received and started to cry. Natsuo tells that he will support Enji till they stop Touya-Nii.

Hawks then tells Enji that he will have to answer the public’s questions and explain everything to them. While Hawks is aware of what happened between Enji and Dabi, he still has no idea about the One-For-All. Fuyumi remembered the word being mentioned around the Hospital and it seems a lot of people are now aware of OFA. Endeavor remembers the words and connected the dots, and he said, “Deku?”

The scene then changes to Bakugo screaming Deku’s name while coughing blood and he was caught by his friends in front of the room. Bakugo says “why are you asleep, while I’m awake, Huh!” and he is getting carried along the corridor by Satou, Mineta and Tsuyu. Iida was relieved to see Bakugo so lively, and Urarak added that he has become louder than before. Jirou was there, and informed Iida that Tokoyami and Kaminari were fine and sent home already.

Jirou asked Uraraka if Deku’s physical condition was okay, and Uraraka saus that that’s what she heard but she’s still worried. Bakugo, still being tied up and carried by his classmates, met Jeanist and Hawks at the corridor. Hawks said Hi and Jeanist said “Great Explosion Murder God DynaMight, so you’re fine!” to which Bakugo answered, “does this looks fine?”

Hawks said that he wanted to speak with Midoriya but Iida told him that All Might asked them to leave the two of them alone. The next panel shows All Might holding Deku’s hand said that Deku is now talking with OFA predecessors.

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Ends

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Source: My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Summary by Atsushi

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 will release officially on Sunday, February 28th at 11 am EST and fans can read it online for free from the following manga sources.

  • MangaPlus
  • Shonen Jump
  • Viz Media

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