My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Spoilers, Leaks, Title, Summary, and Chapter 305 Preview

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Spoilers, Leaks, Title, Summary, and Chapter 305 Preview

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 spoilers are finally out in the form of manga raws leaks. It seems that the entire manga storyline focuses on Deku and his conversation with the previous OFA users, and it also explains more about the powers and its aftereffects. My Hero Academia Chapter 304 title and summary are also out along with the manga leaks and there are story spoilers ahead, and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Title, Leaks, Spoilers and Full Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Title: “Midoriya Izuku and Yagi Toshinori”

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 Full Summary

  • The chapter opens with Deku’s consciousness asking about those who were at the hospital raid.

  • We then see Deku in a room with ALL of the Vestiges. He can now stand AND talk to them (even though his mouth is still covered in the Vestige world).

  • We finally see the 2nd and 3rd users, but we do not see their faces, they are both facing the wall with their backs turned to Deku.

  • They reveal that OFA has grown rapidly since four months ago (JT Arc), and that All For Ones attempt to forcefully obtain OFA during the raid inadvertently drew the Vestiges out further, allowing them to now interact with each other (The 4th and 5th Users demonstrate this by using their Quirks against each other)

  • The 4th users name is “Shinomori Higake”. He died at the age of 40 from “old age”, he concludes that OFA is not something a normal human can use.

  • He managed to hold OFA for the second longest time (18 years) while evading AFO, but the effects of having multiple Quirks took its toll and he died from the results of holding OFA. He knows this now thanks to All Might looking through autopsy documents and finding out that he burned out his own life.

  • The scars on his face are not from his Quirk, but from OFA, it literally “cracked” his body.

  • All Might is described by the other Users as being “unique”. He made OFA stronger by holding it for 40 years without suffering from any side effects.

  • Deku theorizes that this might be because he was originally Quirkless, which means if someone with a Quirk were to receive OFA, it would shorten their lifespan, but Quirkless people are like “empty glasses” making them more suitable, whereas someone with a Quirk already has their glass “filled” and giving them OFA would cause them to “overflow”.

  • Deku and the Vestiges concludes OFA can’t be transferred to normal people anymore, and because there are fewer and fewer Quirkless people with each passing generation, he will be the last OFA successor.

  • Nana then gets back to the main subject and asks Deku if he can really kill Shigaraki.

  • Chapter ends with the line: “Preparedness to be tested, At that moment, Deku is____”

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My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date and Preview

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date and Preview

My Hero Academia Chapter 305 release date has been revealed as next Sunday, March 14, 2021, as per the reports. My Hero Academia 304 leaks mention that there will be no break next week and Ch 305 comes out next week. My Hero Academia Chapter 305 spoilers and preview will be updated once there are any manga details out.

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