My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Full Summary Spoilers: Deku uses All his Quirks against Muscular

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Full Summary Spoilers: Deku uses All his Quirks against Muscular
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My Hero Academia Chapter 308 full summary has finally been compiled based on the manga panel leaks. Everyone has been waiting to see the Deku vs Muscular rematch in action and the My Hero Academia 308 manga chapter will release in just 2 more days.

While the MHA 308 spoilers were still broken and hardly made any sense, the detailed summary makes everything clear. For those who are reading ahead, this is the final warning as the post contains major My Hero Academia Chapter 308 spoilers ahead.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Title: “All Out”

The chapter starts with Deku’s reunion with Muscular and he remembers Deku. Muscular says he will never forget Deku and was waiting to meet him again. He further adds that all of his opponents till now have been “small fries” and no one could satisfy him.

Muscular says he is not looking for revenge but just going on rampage is not enough for him, he wants to go all out like last time in the fight against Deku. So he jumps to attack Deku who is standing on the rooftop of a building but his leap was not enough so he crashes into the building. Muscular then tells Deku to go all out.

Deku brings Shindo to Tatami and tells her to treat his wounds. Deku also apologized for not arriving on time and also not able to prevent all the damage to the buildings and surroundings, and make sure to reduce the damage to zero. Tatami couldn’t see Deku because there was so much smoke around him but she remembered his face.

Deku then remembers his conversation with the 6th OFA user who says how All Might have increased the powers of his smokescreen quirk and how Deku needs to use them as a protection tool because they could be very dangerous otherwise.

Deku knows that Muscular can handle 100% OFA so he uses smokescreen to block his vision, and then a combination of Float and Black Whip to attack and Danger Sense to predict his movements for maximum impact. Deku asks Muscular about the location of OFA and Shigaraki, but he says he have not idea about them. Muscular then asks Deku to stop using cheap tricks and fight all out like that day.

Deku then asks Muscular about his motive and why he wants to destroy everything, but it is of no use as there is only blood and battle in his heart. Deku thinks that he would try to fight all his opponents and help them if they had good intentions.

It is revealed that Muscular’s muscles are starting to tear up as Shindo used his quirk on that and it is why he was not able to jump till the building. Muscular says that Deku is cunning but he replies that he is just being all out.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Ends

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Release Date and Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 release date is April 11th and fans can read online the manga issue from the following platforms. One must always use the legal methods to read the manga series as it would also help the creators.

  • Shonen Jump
  • Viz Media
  • MangaPlus

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