My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Full Summary Spoilers: Deku catches Lady Nagant with 3rd Quirk

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Full Summary Spoilers: Deku catches Lady Nagant with 3rd Quirk

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 full summary spoilers are finally out and it describes the manga events in details. Fans who are waiting for the manga story updates can check it out to what happens next.

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Spoilers Ahead!!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Full Summary Spoilers

Title: Long distance artillery battle of high-speed mobility

The chapter opens with All Might’s car riding through some explosions, seemingly unscratched. The car is named Hercules and All Might says that if it was a regular car he would be dead by now. Some thugs appear from nowhere and try to attack it with explosive spears, All Might immediately understands that there’s a mastermind behind it and that they’re trying to separate him from Deku.

He takes his cell phone and a suitcase with him and jumps out of the car. The thugs are ready to go get him but AM starts talking about how Deku is carrying a burden even bigger than his own. He says that the moment something happens to that kid is also the moment when he dies, to which the villains shiver to their bones and run away.

Deku is jumping through the buildings, thinking that he’ll reach Lady Nagant in no time. Danger Sense warns him of a bullet coming from behind, he kicks it but another one comes immediately after and hits his stomach.

Deku is confused and even considers the possibility of her being accompanied by other villains, but after seeing her in the distance he realizes she has been given another quirk by AFO. We then see Lady Nagant’s air mobility, she’s aiming the gun at the opposite side and using the shots to propel herself while also shooting Deku.

As her distance got closer to Deku, instead of predicting trajectory and then fire, she could fire directly because she used intuition instead of prediction. Deku came closer only because he could avoid the previous shots, but he realized she could fire faster in closer distance, and if she started shooting rapid-fire the 4th’s quirk wouldn’t warn him in time. So Deku activated the 6th’s quirk to buy time and prepare himself.

Lady Nagant was rather surprised to see Deku using multiple quirks. En (6th) warned him that using this much smoke is risky. Once he appeared from the smoke and ran, Lady Nagant would’ve shot him. But then En realized Deku wasn’t trying to run and he said he won’t recommend whatever Deku is planning to do.

Deku took a stance to use the 3rd’s quirk as the 3rd appeared and said they haven’t trained with the quirk yet but Deku insisted on using it anyway because this way he could ask Nagant where did AFO and Shigaraki hide.

Deku threw his cape out of the smoke as a decoy to trick Lady Nagant, and she fell for it by firing a shot to that cape. Deku also used his mask and bag as decoys, and when Lady Nagant was still shooting Deku appeared from above and caught her arm.

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