My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Full Summary Spoilers: Deku vs Lady Nagant Fight Ends

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Full Summary Spoilers: Deku vs Lady Nagant Fight Ends

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 detailed summary is finally out as the manga leaks are compiled and translated. For those who are willing to take the risk, can read the full story summary at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Title: “The Lovely Lady Lagant”

After catching Lady Nagant, we see some of Deku’s thinking process. He understood she would have to be somewhere where she could shoot all the 4 decoys instantly. Nagant is impressed by Deku’s speed, wondering what he did inside that smoke.

He starts asking about All for One, but Lady Nagant fights back saying that she hasn’t lost yet and that the public safety commission trained her well. She releases her elbow rifle and hits Deku with its impact, but he dodges the shot that comes right after it.

Deku is really confused as to why she’s under AFO’s control, especially considering that Lady Nagant used to be a hero.

She says Deku can only see this artificially created peace and that people painted with “this color” are never able to see the full picture. Deku is confused about the color thing and his body is starting to feel the consequences of combining multiple quirks.

Nagant shoots another one of those radio bullets and starts talking to him about how she killed too many people to maintain this “false society” going, until she got tired of it all. She was given secret orders from the commission, like to eradicate those involved in a terrorist attack before it even happened.
Nagant flashback starts.

She started her career at the time vigilantes started being perceived as heroes and were receiving the people’s approval. She was a gear of this forming system, working in broad daylight and behind the curtains to guarantee things would go the right way.

We then see her killing those terrorists while they cry saying they didn’t even do anything yet and that they were just following orders. Nagant repeats to herself over and over that she was just obeying orders, that it was for a greater good.

But her breaking point came when a bunch of kids spotted her on the streets, claiming to be her fans and asking for a handshake. She extended her hand, but all she could see was the blood of the people she killed.

Lady Nagant returned to the commission where she felt really tired, yet she got another order to kill people from the Hero Public Safety Commission’s chairman. She started to question that order and the chairman threatened her, saying she should know the consequences if she quit. At that moment she killed the chairman.

Deku was shocked to hear her side of the story because it’s different from the story that was released to the public. Nagant said that there’s no way they would show that a rebellion happens on the inside of the commission, that’s why Deku didn’t know.

She continued to say that this society that everyone yearned for was actually brittle and fake. They only show the bright side, but on the other side there will be people (like her) who got eaten alive. And she said that the future with AFO as leader seemed brighter than that.

Deku said he didn’t know about all that but he started to understand that the world is mostly grey, and not black and white. That is why they have to reach out their hands to those people who are the victims of society. Nagant argued that Deku is just another result of a fake education.

Nagant noticed that Deku could predict her movement and started to get the upper hand, so she aimed her gun at Overhaul who standing on the edge of a building, while still whining about meeting his oyaji (dad/boss) to break Deku’s focus. Deku was surprised but he recognized him and called his name (Chisaki). End of chapter.

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