My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Spoilers, Leaks: Basic Manga Summary is Finally Out

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Spoilers, Leaks: Basic Manga Summary is Finally Out

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 spoilers and leaks are finally out as predicted in our earlier post. The manga intel has been posted on the Twitter and Reddit and it reveals the details about the future storyline. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains My Hero Academia Chapter 314 spoilers summary and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Spoilers, Leaks and Brief Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Title: “The Beautiful Lady Nagant” / “The Lovely Lady Nagant”

Original: 麗しきレディナガン

Deku starts asking questions about AFO, but Lady Nagant says that she hasn’t lost yet and that the public safety comission trained her well.

She hits Deku with the impact from the rifles coming out of her elbow, but when she shoots it Deku dodges it.

‪He starts to question why she’s following AFO since he just wants to control everything and Lady Nagant used to be a hero. ‬

‪She says Deku’s vision is limited by this peace the system created. People painted with “this color” will never understand her. ‬

‪Deku is confused about the color thing and his body is affected by him using multiple quirks. ‬ ‪Nagant shoots another one of those radio bullets and starts talking about how she killed too many to sustain this “false society”. She received secret orders from the commission to eradicate those involved in a terrorist uprising before it even started.

She was active on the time vigilantes started being perceived as heroes and were receiving the people’s approval.

To guarantee thing would go the right way, she worked on broad daylight and behind the curtains.

We then see her killing those terrorists while they cry saying they didn’t even do anything yet. Nagant repeats to herself over & over that she was just obeying orders

But her breaking point was when a bunch of kids spotted her on the streets & asked for a handshake

She extended her hand but all she could see was the blood of her victims. She quickly got tired of everything. The commission’s president is telling her about two guys who turn civilians into criminals and then hunt them down to gain rewards,. She asks if killing them will really improve society. ‬ ‪She then starts to question everything she’s done so far, but her boss asks if she knows what quitting this job really means while pulling a gun from his suit.

Nagant was faster and shot him dead. ‬ ‪Deku is confused as this is not the story he knows. Nagant continues to talk about a society sustained by thin lines. We see a flashback of her in an uniform talking with men in suits.‬

We see flashes of her being recruited by the safety comission, while saying that the heroes lure people with sweet words and shining dreams. Compared to that, All for One’s control is infinitely better.

Deku shoots Black Whip concentrated into a single black line & approaches her. He says he had no idea about her past, but that recently he started noticing the many grey areas of the hero society. While he’s talking there are panels of the armed civilians, Endeavor & Shigaraki.

Deku says he wants his hands to reach all the people who were abandoned and used by the hero society.

Nagant is fully aware that he’s able to predict her movements, so she’ll raise the number of things he has to worry about.

Chapter ends with her aiming the gun at Overhaul, who’s once again asking about the Boss. Deku is shocked and worried.

Bottom left line: “And old enemy… Overhaul makes his appearance?! The battle heats up!”

Source: Atsu on Twitter

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Raws Scans and Read Manga Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 raws scans and the detailed story summary will be updated soon once the manga leaks are compiled and translated into English.

Fans can read online My Hero Academia Chapter 314 legally for free on Sunday, May 30 from the following sources.

  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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