My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Full Summary Spoilers: Fate of Lady Nagant is Revealed

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Full Summary Spoilers: Fate of Lady Nagant is Revealed

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 full summary has finally been compiled based on the leaks and spoilers. For those who are willing to take the risk, can read ahead as it contains major My Hero Academia Chapter 315 spoilers ahead.

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Full Summary Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Title: “Beautiful Words”

Chapter starts with Overhaul and Nagant changing clothes and getting ready to go after Deku. Overhaul says he knows the student AFO was talking about because he’s the one who ruined Overhaul’s plans, a brat seriously infected by the hero syndrome. Nagant jokes about how she said he would be useful, but that’s almost as if fate is helping them. Overhaul agrees to follow Nagant and help her identify the target as long as she promises she’ll take him to the boss after it’s all done

Cut to the present, Overhaul is screaming at Nagant because he’s already fulfilled his part of the deal a long time ago. She has her gun aimed at him and says that from now on she’ll have to increase the speed of her bullets even if it reduces her accuracy.

Nagant shoots at Overhaul while commenting about how much she hates the hero education, and that only when a person dies because of Deku’s mistakes will he understand its problems.

She expects Deku to hesitate and give her a chance to win, but he’s already on the move. We finally get an explanation on the Third’s quirk, Fa Jin: it accumulates kinetic energy through repeated movements of a specific body part and releases it explosively. Deku was using his legs to avoid and kick Nagant’s bullets in the last chapter, so now he’s able to release it all and uses black whip to add centrifugal force, boosting his speed even more.

He thinks to himself that he took inspiration from a scene anyone from his generation has seen multiple times: All Might soaring through the skies faster than any bullet. He calls this mix of 45% OFA+ Fa Jin “pseudo 100%” and pushes Overhaul to the ground before Nagant’s bullet hits him.

Nagant is impressed not only because of Deku’s speed, but also because he started moving in Overhaul’s direction at the exact moment she aimed the gun at him.

Deku says he’ll talk to Chisaki later and prepares to attack Nagant. The third user appears and says that in the last chapter Deku’s body received damage because he was using all the quirks at once (OFA 45%+ Danger Sense + Fa Jin + Smokescreen + Float). Just now he only used OFA, Fa Jin and Black Whip, so he’s safe to go. There’s still some kinetic energy stored on his right leg, so he prepares his next attack.

Deku’s next attack was pseudo-100% Manchester Smash, where he smashed on Lady Nagant’s right arm. Deku told Lady Nagant that it’s over because her gun was destroyed. Lady Nagant was free falling as she was amazed by Deku for not hesitating even for one second as if saving Chisaki (who is a villain) was something natural. She remembered what the chairman told her about using her quirk to make society better and she tried to remember since when became sick of hearing such kind of lip service.

At that moment Deku took her hand to prevent her from falling. Deku told her that her bullet’s trajectory towards Chisaki was a miss, and if she really fully supported AFO, she could’ve just shot her first bullet towards his waist area and it would be over for him. Deku told her that her heart was still the heart of a hero. Nagant showed a sincere smile and when she was about to tell Deku that he is a true hero her body began to crack and explode.

The scene changed to AFO saying that he knew that people’s hearts are “fluid”, so he made sure to be fully prepared when she breached their contract. He (sarcastically) felt pity for Nagant because she was being used by other people until the end, but if she wants to blame anyone she should blame that great quirk of hers. In the last panel we saw Hawks’ feathers flying towards the falling and burnt Nagant as Hawks’ caught her midair, showing that Hawks’ wings have recovered. End of chapter.

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