My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary: AFO sends a Message to Deku

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary: AFO sends a Message to Deku

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 spoilers are out as predicted on an early Thursday and things are taking a serious turn. The manga leaks are already out and have also been compiled into a full story summary. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains major My Hero Academia Chapter 316 spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers, Leaks and Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Summary

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Title: “THE NEXT”

Endeavor is also here. He says they received a message from All Might but took some time to get there because he’s slow on rainy days.

Hawks doesn’t have enough feathers to fly while carrying Nagant, so Deku holds them with Black Whip.

Deku tells them about the explosion and how it was probably caused by All for One. Hawks is screaming at Nagant, saying that he’s her replacement and that after fighting Deku she should already know that there’s still hope in hero society.

Hawks asks Nagant to tell them everything she knows about AFO. She doesn’t know Hawks, but after hearing he’s her replacement she understands he’s from public safety.

So she starts wondering why he still has glowing eyes. (? wait nvm this must be referring to his optimism)

She screams “During the next two months…bring the target to a mansion in Haibori Forest!”

They reach the ground. Nagant warns them that AFO has many other strong individuals by his side. She says her heart wasn’t strong enough and asks Hawks how he’s able to keep his head up after all he’s been through.

We see a flashback of child Hawks holding the Endeavor plushie. He says it’s because he had someone supporting him and he’s just overall a pretty optimistic guy.

Endeavor is holding Chisaki, who’s still screaming about his boss and how he wants to apologize to him. Deku asks him if he still remembers what he did to Eri. Chisaki starts repeating her name and saying that if they use her it’s possible to bring the boss back.

They enter the mansion, Deku is remembering Hawks’ words about how AFO can’t steal OFA just yet.

The main hall is empty, but AFO appears in a hologram clapping. He asks Deku if the moral dilemma Nagant presented to him was fun.

Deku is really pissed. AFO continues to talk, saying that he loves to predict things and that he knew Deku would reach for her hand. He also says he didn’t force her to do anything, it was all her own will.

AFO is trying to get on Deku’s nerves. He’s talking about how the “good guys” are the ones who consider anyone who commits a single error a villain.

He says that those who don’t fit in will always be ostracized, it’s not just a rule of society but a rule of life.

He says that Deku has chose the hardest path of all, and that he’s bound to keep fighting until his heart becomes null.

AFO also says that while he was in prison, he stopped caring about All Might and started thinking about Deku. “You’re next”, he says, as the whole mansion explodes. “BOOOM”

End of the chapter

Source: My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers on Reddit

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 will come out on Sunday, June 13 and everyone must read the official version of the manga series. Viz Media and MangaPlus platforms will provide free access to the manga once it releases.

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