My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers: Will Deku get the “Black Whip”?

my hero academia

Even if you are not an anime fan, it is highly probable that you have come across the name “My Hero Academia”. My Hero Academia is a Japanese anime series inspired from a manga series by the same name. The series is written by Yosuke Kuroda. It has received overwhelming response from anime fans and has become loved all over the world. It has also found a place on the top anime’s list in several credible sources such as CrunchyRoll, IGN, and Polygon. My Hero Academia started in 2016, and its last episode of the 4th season aired recently on April 6, 2020. The creators, Weekly Shonen Jump, have already announced My Hero Academia season 5.

my hero academia

2 animated movies by the name “My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes” and “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” were also rolled during this period and gained popularity almost immediately. The sources reveal that there are plans for a live-action film on the cards as well, by “Legendary Entertainment”.

My Hero Academia Season 5: The Plotline

My Hero Academia is the story of Izoku Midoriya, a boy born without any special powers. But he dreams of being a hero someday. He gets noticed by “All Might”, Japan’s greatest hero. He shares his superpowers with Izoku Midoriya. Further, he assists Izoku in getting enrolled at the prestigious U.A. High School where heroes train. This is the story’s inflection point which shows how Izoku faces twists and turns in his journey to becoming a true hero. Meanwhile, the story’s villain “All For One” makes attempts to destroy society and its heroes. Now it is the responsibility of Izoku, Bakugo, and his classmates of Class 1-A to fight this villain. If you enjoy high paced superhero stories, My Hero Academic is definitely for you!

My Hero Academia Season 5: Release Date

Fans were overjoyed when the show’s Twitter handle announced confirmation of My Hero Academia season 5. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause delays in the release. It is currently reasonable to expect the release to take place sometime in 2021. However, no official dates in this regard have been announced.

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