Myrtle Beach visitors threatened by sharks frenzy feeding, [WATCH VIDEO]

Post Shark-Week feeding event at Myrtle Beach gets caught on camera

Early bird catches the worm, however, sometimes the late-comers get the best shot! Something similar happened at the Myrtle Beach where the after-Shark-week visitors witnessed the best shark feeding event of the year. Yes, if you are on the few who keep tracks of animals feeding and breeding season then this might come as a great shock for you.

Go grab some pop-corns before watching the mesmerizing video below! However beware it holds many pop-corn dropping moments, so hold it tightly my friends!

Post Shark-Week feeding event at Myrtle Beach gets caught on camera

Beware they know where you are!
Source: New York Post

Sharks came-out of water in search of their prey: Myrtle Beach

Visitors Monday-trip to Myrtle Beach turned extra-special when Sharks came out for their brunch. The unexpected arrival after the not-long passed Shark week, set a spectacular show for the visitors. As numerous sharks jumped from the water embroiled in a feeding frenzy, bystanders were left completely speechless.

Tara Savedge, one of the lucky witness stated the phenomenon as just amazing. She said

We’ve never seen anything like that, That was amazing.”

When and where did the things happen?

It was around 10:30 am when Savedge’s husband perceived some commotion in the water. She and her family were near 52nd Avenue North. As they noticed fishes jumping out the water, the family called out to their son and nephew who were playing in the water. Asking their immediate retrieve.

Post Shark-Week feeding event at Myrtle Beach gets caught on camera

A capture of the event
Source: RSS feeds

Savedge, however did not want to miss the chance of recording such a rare event. So she grabbed her cell-phone, recorded the scene just as sharks started surfacing as well. The family initially freaked out at the subtle jeopardizing danger that their children could have encountered.

However, overall they enjoyed the Shark chase as they jumped and captured their preys. The beach had to be evacuated for about an hour. Looking towards the safety of the visitors most probably. However, thanks to Savedge quick-thinking and wits, the world got a chance to see the beautiful sight of nature!

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