NASA was hacked using a 25$ Raspberry Pi

NASA was hacked using a 25$ Raspberry Pi

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA is once again in the spotlight, but not for any good reasons this time. It recently accepted that Jet Propulsion Laboratory was hacked. Yes, the NASA which is known for its great achievements in the field of space got hacked.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory was hacked

NASA's was hacked using a 1,500 rupees Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
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Time and again NASA has proved its worth to people but it looks like there is always someone smarter present in the background. NASA confirmed that its JPL was hacked last year in the month of April. The hackers were successful in stealing 500 MB of data.

The data was related to some of the space missions and ergo had to be of great importance. According to reports, the attacker gained access to NASA’s system with the help of a compromised Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is famous for being cheap, easily portable for they are of the size of a wallet and easily modifiable to cater to all kinds of needs.

Its cost is around 1,500 rupees and is therefore often considered as people’s first choice. The Pi which is supposed to be guilty was originally made-up to be air-gapped. However, for some reason, it was connected to the JPL network.

What steps were taken after that disaster by NASA

NASA's was hacked using a 1,500 rupees Raspberry Pi

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

This little mishappening gave an outsider who has been waiting, undetected for around 10 months for such an opportunity. They were able to steal some 23 files which had a total of 500 MB of data. Two of the 23 files were related to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

The biggest set back was that they even gained access to NASA’s Deep Space Network. Due to this, the security teams of Orion Multipurpose Crew as well as of the International Space Stations have been disconnected from the network for a short-undefined period of time.

Well, hopefully, NASA will now protect its information in a better way!!

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