NASA News: You can now track Curiosity Rover path on Mount Sharp


Well, do you want to take a trip to Mars in a new video from NASA? This new video of NASA shows a fly-over of the Mount Sharp on Mars. This is the same location which NASA’s Curiosity Rover is currently exploring. In addition to this, it also shows the track that Curiosity Rover will be taking in new few years.

The NASA rover is exploring Mount Sharp to understand more about the history of the planet and its geology.

NASA News: You can now track Curiosity Rovers path on Mount Sharp

You can also see Mars fly-over in NASA’s new video

This map is created using the data given by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which is an orbiting spacecraft.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter carries advanced instruments like HiRISE of High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment. It also has a Context Camera (CTX) and CRISM which is an imaging spectrometer for Mars.

The map is shown using data given by MRO spacecraft

The position in which the Curiosity Rover is currently located is called the clay-bearing-unit. This is named so because the scientists are believing that plenty of clay materials can be found in this area.

Also clay forms in the presence of water, so it could uncover more about the history of water on Mars. Mars is known to have water billions of years ago and it lost its water over time and today has become an arid landscape.

Well, Curiosity Rover will be surely unveiling some amazing facts about the surface of Mars in the near future. Follow BlockToro for more amazing updates.

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