NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover gets experience of Space on Earth

NASA's 2020 Mars rover gets experience of space on Earth

NASA’s 2020 Mars spacecraft and rover have recently completed the thermal vacuum and acoustic testing. They did the tests at the Jet Propulsion Lab in California. The Mars 2020 spacecraft will land on the Jezero Crater on 18th Feb 2021.

The tests

In the thermal vacuum test, the spacecraft is given extreme temperatures and vacuum that can cause a malfunction in the components. With the help of nitrogen-pressurized speakers, they did the bombarding of the sound on the spacecraft “stack”.

NASA's 2020 Mars rover gets experience of space on Earth

NASA did the tests on the spacecraft at their Jet Propulsion Lab in California

This first phase of the process happened on 12th April in JPL’s acoustic test chamber. However, the Acoustic test on the spacecraft is an important test since it gives the best Earthly approximation about what the spacecraft will be enduring during the launch.

Apart from having an aeroshell the spacecraft also has a rover stand-in and some other component. The manager of the Environmental Test Facilities at the JPL, Andy Rose says that they did the testing of the hardware components with a random noise spectrum.

NASA's 2020 Mars rover gets experience of space on Earth

The rover will be launching in 2020

They did this in order to duplicate the launch environment. They did the test by increasing the sound levels up to 150 decibels.

What will the Mars Rover do?

The Mars 2020 rover will be carrying with it a new suite of instruments. These instruments include a system that will help in collecting samples from Mars. The rover will be launching in the month of July in 2020.

The event will be happening at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. NASA’s rover will land on Jezero Crater on Mars on 18th Feb 2021.

NASA’s launch service program is responsible for launch management. This program is based at NASA’s Kennedy space centre which is located in Florida. Check for more updates.

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