Nate Diaz might be the biggest challenge for Khabib

Nate Diaz might be the biggest challenge for Khabib

Khabib is sitting pretty at the top of the pile of lightweight champions. There’s a lot of talk about Khabib’s fight with McGregor to be one of the most iconic fights ever. But Nate Diaz, coming back to the cage in three years, could be the biggest of them yet, some believe.

Nate though is as shy as one could get and hardly gives anything away. He doesn’t speak to the media much so you can only talk about him with other guys in Nate’s. Reporter Gareth A. Davis talked with Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields about the same.

Melendez thinks Nate is better than McGregor

That’s pretty much expected of Melendez who’s always been high on confidence about Nate. He thinks Nate will be a strong contender to beat Lightweight Champion Khabib. He even rates it higher than the trilogy being talked about (McGregor vs Nate vs Khabib)

“I believe that trilogy is there,” Melendez said.

“Just like my fight with Diego Sanchez is always there regardless. They could do it ten years down the road but I think it’s there. I’d really like to see Nate fight whoever he wants. Yes, Conor, but I want to see him fight Khabib.”

Nick Diaz might be back too!

Nick Diaz has been off the limelight since quite a while. Nick has also talked about “not hurting anyone”. His Snapchat stories featuring him drinking and partying which is not too good to see. The whole of it conveys a sad story. Melendez though has some positive news to share about him.

Nate Diaz might be the biggest challenge for Khabib01

Nick Diaz has had a drinking problem lately. Image: Snapchat Nick Diaz

”Nick is back in Lodi,” Gilbert said. “He’s a ninja. I have a feeling he’s getting ready.”

Melendez also thinks Nate and McGregor fight would still be interesting after 10 years. But to fight Khabib, the time is now. Nate is definitely a grappler and one of the guys you don’t want to see in front of you at the start.

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