Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis : UFC 241 Schedule, Matches, Odds and Predictions

Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis : Does Diaz still has it in him ?

UFC 241 will see a fan favourite co-event, Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis in a long time. The main event on ESPN is a Heavyweight one between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic. But it is once in at least 10 UFC events when a co-event steals the show, at least in the backdrop.

Why is Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis the showstopper of UFC 241?

The hype is real. The welterweight co-event is overtaking the main event in terms of buzz. It’s argued that welterweight is always more popular than heavyweight events. Take examples of the current fan favourite superstars.

You would come across Connor Mcgregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz among others. But there’s more to it. Diaz is making a re-entry into the octagon after 3 years. And everyone wants to know if he still packs the power punch and brutality he was the master of once.

Indeed he looked ripped in training ahead of the match. He will be as hungry as ever. And the fact that a win in Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis can help Diaz stake claim for a rematch with Mcgregor could make it even bigger for Diaz.

Looking at odds, there’s hardly anything separating the two. The odds matched at 115-115 for Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis at the time of writing the article. But experts say it would tilt towards Pettis as the fight day closes in. Diaz anyway would look to prove his critics wrong like he has always done.

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Talks of Mcgregor vs Diaz again buzzing

Indeed Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis on August 17 UFC in Anaheim is stealing the show right now. And another Mcgregor vs Diaz fight is taking rounds makes this collision all the more exciting.

Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis : Does Diaz still has it in him ?

Nate’s last fight was a defeat to Mcgregor. Image : Bloody Elbow

Indeed the message from experts is Nate will be longing to fight The Notorious once again. It was Connor after all, who defeated Diaz in his last fight at UFC 202. Connor’s UFC return is also much anticipated and he has given enough hints he wants to be back ASAP.

The 34-year old Diaz will hence go all out to come triumphant in Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis.

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