Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest: Who will win the race ?

Nathan's Hotdog eating contest: Who will win the race ?

Fourth of July ticks off the reminder for the very famous Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest.

Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest?

Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest is an event that takes place annually in America. Every year Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest takes place on the Independence day in Coney Island and an eatery at the Surf.

This competition has caught the public’s eye resulting in the stardom of Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut.

11 times in a row winner, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut will be competing this time waiting to be crowned for the 12th time. Chestnut aged 35, will be a tough competitor for opponents like the 2nd world rank holder Geoffrey Esper.

Who is Geoffrey Esper?

Nathan's Hotdog eating contest: Who will win the race ?

Geoffrey Esper

Esper is a second rank holder in the Major League Eating and a Pizza eating champion. In a short stint of 10 minutes, he devoured 83 slices of a massive 10-inch pizza.

Joey’s other contenders will be 15 other devourers including 2015, 3rd rank holder Matt Stonie.

But that is not all! It’s not a men’s game at all. The women power holds equal expertise in gobbling up the hot dogs.

Same as every coin has two sides, so does this contest. Talking of the women, a 5 times champion Miki Sudo aged 33, will battle hard to keep the tradition alive by trying to win a 6th time.

Michelle Lesco, a second rank holder eater champ will be putting up a tough competition for Miki Sudo. World Jellied Cranberry Sauce Eating crown holder, Juliet Lee along with 12 others will be part of the competition.

A list of the men competing in the eating battle was rolled out on the 27th of June 2019.

Darrien Thomas

Steve Hendry

Gideon Oji

Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez

Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan N

Juan Neave

Pablo Martinez

Matt Hazzard

Ronnie Hartman

Derek Jacobs

George Chiger 

Adam Moran

Nick Wehry

Max Suzuki

Darron Breeden

Matt Stonie

Geoffrey Esper

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Peter Foley/EPA/Shutterstock (7602726c)
Joey Chestnut Wins the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest Devouring 66 Hotdogs in 12 Minutes a New World Record in Coney Island New York

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