National Treasure 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot Details: Disney working on Nicholas Cage-Jerry Bruckheimer Movie

National Treasure 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot Details Disney working on Nicholas Cage-Jerry Bruckheimer Movie

National Treasure 3 movie is currently under works from Disney and it has been officially given a go from the studio. As per the latest reports, screenwriter Chris Bremner  has confirmed that Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are working together on the third National Treasure movie and Nicolas Cage will be back as the main lead.

Bruckheimer who was busy till now for ‘Bad Boys for Life’ starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have an opening in his schedule which could be used to work on National Treasure third sequel. Here is everything you need to know about National Treasure 3 trailer, release date, cast, plot and whether Nicolas Cage will be reprising his iconic role or not.

National Treasure 3 Trailer and Release Date

National Treasure 3 Trailer and Release Date

Disney is looking on to cash on the nostalgia of the National Treasure movies and fans will love the team-up of Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer for the next National Treasure sequel. Chris Bremner is working on the script and once its complete, pre-production and filming will start very soon.

It is too early to predict a release date but given Disney is a very efficient studio, we could easily have National Treasure 3 release date in 2021. There are several fan-made National Treasure 3 trailers on the internet and hopefully, the real one will also be out there soon.

National Treasure 3 Cast and Plot Details: Is Nicholas Cage coming Back?

National Treasure 3 Cast and Plot Details Is Nicholas Cage coming Back

Nicolas Cage as cryptologist/treasure hunter Benjamin Gates in the National Treasure movie series has been one of the most iconic characters of the 2000-era. There is no way they could make National Treasure 3 without Cage and several fans on social media are hoping that Disney also rope in Brendan Fraser and show him as Cage’s long lost brother or something.

National Treasure 3 plot could take any of the stories as there are so many unresolved mysteries regarding what’s on page 47 and other secret treasures. It would be nice to give a modern take to the older myths and secret symbols, along the theme of National Treasure movies. Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, and Ty Burrell could definitely come back in Disney’s National Treasure 3 movie.

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