NBA 2K20 to Shut Down due to Bugs Issue, Patch 8 Update is No Help

NBA 2K20 update bugs issue patch 8

NBA 2K20 game is in Week 10 of its release and the developers have already released the patch 8 update. While it sounds like the 2K game developers are keeping the game updated with the real NBA sports stats, the picture is quite different. The ‘NBA 2K20’ basketball based game is full of bugs and errors and the regular patch updates were meant to remove the problems arising.

But the gamers and fans of NBA 2K20 are very disappointed as the patch 8 update couldn’t solve the problem and have made it only worse. Here are more details on the NBA 2k20 patch 8 update and how its failure can shut down the game permanently.

NBA 2K20 Patch 8 Update is a Failure

NBA 2K20 Patch 8 Update is a Failure

2K Games announced the release of patch 8 update for NBA 2K20 game via Twitter and Facebook. The full notes for the patch were also posted which described what the update was about. However, the text-only had 4 bulleted points and one of them was clearly describing the fixing of the issues.

NBA 2K20 performance has been improved for the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, but how that has been done was not written. The next point said about making improvements in MyPLAYER Nation found in the MyCAREER mode. but no further details were describing the game impact.

The only proper update was in the third point which solved the issue that was stopping players from joining their friends or sent to a different location when playing in the Neighborhood. The last point in the list was extremely disappointing as it just said many more fixes to improve the NBA 2K20 playing experience and nothing was specified.

Fans Not Happy with NBA 2K20 Patch Notes

Fans Not Happy with NBA 2K20 Patch Notes

NBA 2K20 game has been heavily criticized ever since its release as it is so much full of bugs and errors. A newly launched game releasing eight patch updates in 10 weeks is a bad sign to follow. Fans are not happy and threatening to quit the game forever, 2K should have released a finished NBA 2K20 game and not a bug-filled mess. If the same continues for a few more days, the developers would have to shut down the game and repair it before re-releasing or taking down permanently.

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