NBA 2K21: Kawhi Leonard and Zion Williamson to be the Cover Athletes in Next Game Installment?

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NBA 2K21 game is already making rounds on the internet even though the last game was just released in September 2019. The popular basketball game inspired from the NBA sports has to stay updated with real-life happenings and it is why work has already started on the NBA 2K21 title.

One of the most popular aspects of NBA 2K games is the cover athlete and as per the speculations, Kawhi Leonard could be the face of NBA 2K21. There is also another name in the race, Zion Williamson who might go big in the future. Here is some more information on NBA 2K21 game cover, release date, gameplay features and more.

NBA 2K21 Covers: Kawhi Leonard on the Standard Edition

NBA 2K21 Covers Kawhi Leonard on the Standard Edition

Most of the reports put Kawhi Leonard and Zion Williamson as the cover athlete for NBA 2K21 Standard Edition. The speculation is based on the performances of two stars in the ongoing NBA 2019-20 season. Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles Clippers could easily be the next big thing given how we won the last NBA finals for Raptors and can repeat the same for Clippers.

There is no way that NBA 2K21 would miss out on Leonard’s amazing performance who had made the Clippers stand on the second position (16-6) in NBA Western Conference only behind the Lakers (18-3) and they have already beaten the team led by LeBron James. If everything goes right and there are no injuries, Kawhi Leonard could easily play and win MVP for another NBA finals.

NBA 2K21 Release Date and Gameplay

NBA 2K21 Release Date and Gameplay

Zion Williamson might have played a single game in NBA 2019-20 season due to injuries, but he was the No. 1 pick in the NBA 2019 Drafts for a reason. The New Orleans Pelicans might have not started that great, but Williamson will be back in a few weeks and can turn things around for them.

NBA 2K21 will most likely be released in September 2020 as every game comes out at the same time annually. There would be more playing modes, improved graphics and also rumors of VR mode in NBA 2K21.

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