NBA Draft 2019 : 5 Players to watch our for Pelicans


NBA Draft 2019 will see the start of a new era for Pelicans. Their acquisition of Zion Williamson has completed more than half of their job. A good part of the other half has been decided by their trade of Anthony to Davis to Lakers in exchange of 3 Laker’s assets. Zion is undoubtedly the pick of this draft and how Pelicans will perform with him is going to be the talk of the next decade.

Zion aside, the other 2 mega picks of this draft are Murray State’s Ja Morant and Duke’s RJ Barett. Ja Morant, the best point guard in the draft, has been picked by Memphis Grizzlies as their No.2 pick. RJ Barrett is a top shooter has been picked by New York Knicks as their No.3.

The other 2 players in the list are Darius Garland and De’ Andre Hunter. The major question mark over Darius Garland is his injury after playing just 5 games may have hindered his chances. The potential is there to see but the sample size was hampered with his meniscus injury.

De’Andre Hunter is a 2-way pick and performs admirably in attack and defence. Hunter though will face stiff competition from Jarett Culver at the draft who’s also a player of the same mould. Let’s not waste much time and look deeply at the top 5 picks.


NBA Draft 2019 : 5 Players to watch our for01

Zion is the pick of this draft. Image: HyperBeast

Age 18 |  Duke | SF/PF | 6’6, 285 | 45-inch vertical
22.6 PPG, 8.9 RPG, 33.8% from 3 on 71 attempts

Strengths: Unmatched agility; assists and playmamker; quick reflexes; ability to finish at the rim; passing ability; good at rebounds
Weaknesses: Close range specialist
Corresponding NBA Pick: New Orleans Pelicans


NBA Draft 2019 : 5 Players to watch our for01

Grizzlies will be satisfied with their draft pick. Image: Getty

Age 19 | Murray State | PG | 6’3, 185 | 42-inch vertical
24.5 PPG, 10 APG, 5.7 RPG, 36.3% from 3 on 157 attempts

Strengths: Ability to create chances, assists and playmaking; use of both hands; wicked changes in pace; operating in pick & roll; a burst of speed; agility
Weaknesses: Long Range shots; erratic at times
Corresponding NBA Pick: Memphis Grizzlies


NBA Draft 2019 : 5 Players to watch our for01

Barrett has an unmatched work ethic in his class image: BustingBrackets

Age 18 | Duke | SG | 6’6, 190 | 6’9 wingspan
22.6 PPG, 7.6 RPG, 4.3 APG, 30.8% from 3 on 237 attempts

Strengths: Shooting and scoring; assists and playmaker; operating in pick & roll; the tireless workhorse; quick passing
Weaknesses: Long Range-Shooting, missing the wiggle in dribble
Corresponding NBA Pick: New York Knicks
As a Recruit


NBA Draft 2019 : 5 Players to watch our for01

The unfortunate injury might hurt Darius’ chance. Image: Forbes

Age 19 | Vanderbilt | PG | 6’2, 175 | 6’5 wingspan
16.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 2.6 APG & 47.8% from 3 on 23 in 5 games

Strengths: Scoring and shooting; pace changing; can act as a floater; connects defence to attack; scoring and playmaking equally good; good at pick and roll
Weaknesses: injury prone; conceedes possession; consistency lacking
Corresponding NBA Pick: New Orleans Pelicans


NBA Draft 2019 : 5 Players to watch our for01

Hunter is the best of both worlds. Image: Daily progress

Age 21 | Virginia | PF/SF | 6’7, 225 | 7’2 wingspan
15.2 PPG, 5.1 RPG & 43.8% from 3 on 105 attempts

Strengths: Versatile defender; agility, quick reflex; size for the position; shooting off the catch
Weakness: Dribbling; playmaking
Corresponding NBA Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers

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