NBA draft lottery results as Lakers will have Number 4 pick

NBA Draft 2019

Los Angeles Lakers have got another NBA draft lottery pick and perhaps this is the only positive from 2018-19 NBA season. However, ending with their 11th lowest record, the chances for getting selects like RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, and Ja Morant is very low.

But that doesn’t affect much as the good luck of Kyle Kuzma supported Lakers to come into the list of top four. The chance provided by the new NBA draft odds proved very helpful for the Lakers and have utilized it well, as compared with the previous years.

For them, chances of moving down were more than chances of moving up. Having a chance of less than 9.4%, but fate was on their side. From now everything will depend on the choice of LA Lakers for team selection. Unanimity suggests that Zion Williamson is the first choice.

In fact, LeBron James also praised him after noticing the spectacular energy shown by him in court. But he is not the only one to be preferred as the first choice, Barrett is also in the same race. When it comes to point guard, then Morant could be their choice.

NBA draft lottery results and Lakers will have No. 4 pick

The Los Angeles Lakers got another lottery pick

Since this, all are possibilities yet and no one can say anything if the LA Lakers surprise us by selecting someone like Jarrett Culver or Darius Garland or DeAndre Hunter.

Now the things will depend on the choice of the Los Angele’s Lakers for the team selection

Regardless of everything LA Lakers have many options at 2019 NBA draft including that they could use it in a trade to net a major All-star player they greatly desire. So, for now, thanks to their fortune.

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