NBA Finals 2019 : Raptors end title drought by clinching series 4-2


The moment has arrived. The “North over Everything” has a vibe of his own and the world knows it now as Raptors clinched their maiden NBA title on Friday. This is the also the first ever NBA Finals won by a Canadian franchise. It’s taken 25 years but the victory tastes all the sweeter for the Canadian franchise.

Warriors undoubtedly fought hard and momentum swung like a pendulum throughout the game. So did the scoreline as no side was happy to give anything away easily. The match ended with 114-110 but the lead was just 1 pt before a bizarre mistake by Warriors. The Golden State called out for a timeout after Curry’s missed shot only to realise they had none. This gave Leonard a free throw just 9 seconds before finish all but sealing the game.

Leonard sports a big smile for a change

We know what it means for the Canadian people, their franchise Raptors. This was a first major sports league victory for the whole Canada after Toronto Blue Jays in 1993, the Raptors’ debut year. Kawhi Leonard looked ecstatic for a moment and for once he wasn’t hiding anything!

This has been one heck of a journey and the finals have been so closely fought that this must feel like a relief. The pressure of such a moment is immense and to keep carrying it for months takes something out of you. The celebrations will extend to the whole night or maybe the week too.

Kyle Lowry was the star of the finals while everyone expected Leonard to be. Kyle scored 26 points coupled with 7 rebounds and 10 assists. Siakam was also at the top of his game with 26 points.

Kawhi wasn’t far behind with 22 along with VanVleet. For Warriors, Klay Thompson suffered a freakish injury in the 3rd quarter but still ended with match-high 30 points. Iguodala was the next best for them with 22.

Thompson injured during NBA Finals, future uncertain

NBA Finals 2019 : Raptors end title drought by clinching series 4-2

Credits: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Klay Thompson tried to dunk but fell awkwardly in the process injured his leg. There’s no update on the severity of the injury but leaves Thompson with an uncertain near future. Clutches were used to take him out of the court and the sight was very unfortunate. Before going down, Thompson was at the top of his game though.

Warriors still justified their name even after Thompson’s exit and kept putting pressure on the Raptors. They were good at countering every shot with a shot of their own and kept pushing. They took it to the end only for Curry to miss the shot and crash down all the hopes of a Game 7. Check Out Blocktoro for more updates.

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