NBA Free Agency 2019: LeBron James may reunite with J.R Smith at LA Lakers


J.R Smith and LeBron James could be back together according to a report by Yahoo Sports. The Cleveland veteran guard is now looking a bit too expensive at Cavaliers for $15.6m. Smith still has a partial guarantee of $3.8m which the team buying him will have to pay for the transfer, reports

James and Smith may rewind the clock

LeBron James and J.R Smith last played together in the Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 championship team. The Lakers are looking for a third star-performer to go with Davis and James but a veteran guard would do just fine. That, when they may not find the third superstar they are looking for and would still manage a reasonably seasoned campaigner.

Smith could be the ideal foil for James and Davis’ attack. He works around the boundaries and can distract opponents with swift movements around the court. This, in turn, helps the forwards to form an opening to pounce upon.

LeBron James may reunite with J.R.Smith

Smith is also a quality 3 point shooter. He held the record in the 2009 season for multiple games of more than 10 3-pointers. He also played a key role in Cavalier’s 2015 final appearance where they lost to the Warriors. He scored 8 3-pointers in Cavaliers’ 97-89 win propelling them to the finals where they finished runner ups.

Cavaliers miss draft day opportunity to trade Smith

Offers for the veteran guard were denied in the first draft by the Cavaliers. The draft day deal has significantly reduced the odds of the trade to take place but Cavaliers still have an opportunity to complete the unfinished business. The deadline is until Sunday to complete a suitable deal and Cleveland will be all ears to every proposal coming their way.

It’s all but confirmed that Smith will indeed become a free agent this season. How this pans out for the veteran will be a different perspective altogether.

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