NBA: LeBron James, LA Lakers Responsible for Carmelo Anthony Situation

NBA LeBron James LA Lakers Carmelo Anthony

NBA preseason is about to end and Carmelo Anthony is still without any team. The Houston Rockets traded him to the Chicago Bulls in the midseason and they waved him off. Ever since that Melo is without an NBA team despite getting close with so many teams. It was almost confirmed that the Brooklyn Nets will sign Anthony, but they went with the Lance Thomas instead.

Los Angeles Lakers were also one of the primary spots for Melo but even after LeBron James vouching for him, a deal never went through. The Lakers should have signed Carmelo Anthony as they are the main reason responsible for the whole situation.

Carmelo Anthony was Supposed to Join the Lakers

Carmelo Anthony was Supposed to Join the Lakers

Carmelo Anthony was linked with the Los Angeles Lakers ever since he left the Houston Rockets last year. It just has been confirmed by Baxter Holmes that Melo was supposed to team up with LeBron James in the Lakers after he was released from the Rockets.

The inside reports say that Anthony was informed three days prior to the official announcement and he was ready to join the Los Angeles team in the midseason. But the Lakers had a bad turn when LeBron was injured and they started losing games one after another and missed the playoffs. It is when everything went wrong for Carmelo Anthony as LA Lakers decided to rebuild their team and the veteran forward was left without a team.

Future of Carmelo Anthony

Future of Carmelo Anthony

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in great form with LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, and Anthony Davis as their starter in the frontcourt while Danny Green and Dwight Howard handling the later minutes. Carmelo Anthony has no place in the team and unless someone is injured Melo can forget playing in the purple and gold.

The Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks have already closed their doors for Carmelo. Miami Heat or Boston Celtics can be desperate enough and sign Melo, otherwise he would just have to take retirement from the NBA.

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