NBA: LeBron James Trying to Save his Money from the China Controversy

NBA LeBron James China Controversy

LeBron James is in a tough spot but not for his performance or injury issues, the name of the problem is China. Ever since the Rockets GM Daryl Morey made a tweet on the Hong Kong protests, China has been angered and NBA is suffering from it. China first canceled the broadcast of 2019 preseason games and slowly the endorsement deals of many players are in danger.

NBA is a global brand that does business with many companies from various countries including China and the USA don’t have to suffer for that. James said Morey who studied management from MIT wasn’t educated enough on the matter. Everyone has been criticizing LeBron James over his remarks, but the player can’t risk losing his money over the NBA China controversy.

LeBron James backing from China Issue

LeBron James backing from China Issue

LeBron James has now said that he won’t be speaking from now on the China matter and everything he said till now has been taken out of context. James said he and Morey both have the first amendment rights where they are free to speak their thoughts as US citizens.

Despite James trying to be diplomatic about the whole situation, everyone knows that the 34-year-old NBA superstar is not happy with Morey’s tweet. LeBron James has always been upfront on the matters of social justice and equality and been helping athletes in the US, but on the matter of the China issue, he has gone totally silent.

China Deals have a Lot of Money Involved

NBA LeBron James China Controversy have a Lot of Money Involved

The NBA China issue is not just limited to LeBron James as most of his Lakers teammates and other NBA stars can lose out millions due to the whole rift. Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward and other NBA players have made a lot of deals with Chinese companies and they are on the verge of losing everything.

NBA 2019 regular season will start in about a week and till then the China controversy will be a nightmare for everyone. LeBron James is perhaps the most popular name around the world and his opinions reflect what the NBA represents and right now they look like a slave to the Chinese government and companies.

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