NBA Predictions: LeBron James vs Kawhi Leonard will decide the Fate of Lakers vs Clippers

LeBron James vs Kawhi Leonard Lakers vs Clippers

Lakers vs Clippers NBA 2019-20 season opener was a tough game and Kawhi Leonard managed to secure a win over LeBron James. But after that, the Lakers have continuously won 8 games and are looking as the primary contender for the next NBA title. Meanwhile, the LA Clippers are also at 6-3 and once Paul George is recovered and ready to support Leonard, they will be tough to beat.

Anthony Davis has almost been the top scorer in every game and it has taken some load off from James. The ultimate fate of Lakers vs Clippers will finally come down on the two-star players and LeBron James vs Kawhi Leonard will decide the next winner of the NBA 2020 trophy.

Former NBA Star on LeBron James vs Kawhi Leonard

Former NBA Star on LeBron James vs Kawhi Leonard

Chris Bosh, the former NBA star who has played for both the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors in the past, has expressed his views on which player is the best among the two stars. As per Bosh, James and Leonard are the top two players in the NBA league and it doesn’t matter who comes at the No. 1 spot as both are contributing their 100 percent to their team.

However, the legendary forward believes that LeBron James is the most talented player despite his age and also he assists other players. James is 35 years old and if you ask me he’s best right now because he’s gonna be rejuvenated and the Lakers are a very complete team,” Bosh said in a recent interview.

Lakers vs Clippers NBA 2019-20 Predictions

Lakers vs Clippers NBA 2019-20 Predictions

Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James are almost similar players in terms of individual stats but when the Lakers and Clippers have a game, it is a bit different. Since 2012, both the stars have faced each other 21 times, where Leonard defeated James in 13 games, six out of nine regular-season games and seven out of twelve postseason games.

It doesn’t mean that James lacks any skills as he has more individual points scored in both the regular and playoffs games. In terms of 3-point shooting, Kawhi Leonard has 34 percent success and LeBron James has 36.1 percent shots in the basket. Lakers vs Clippers next few games will ultimately decide who comes out on top as right now both of them are at the same spot.

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