NBA Restart Updates: Which Players are coming back to Play after the COVID-19 Break?


The NBA restart is happening within five weeks. However, the consensus is constantly changing every day. The feeling about the idea of restarting is very gloomy. Players and Execs are cautious with the bubble idea. Even the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver has started to share the concern.

Davis Bertans and Trevor Ariza are not going to play in the restart of the NBA. The news has given fire to the idea of whether the restart plans will push through or not. The constantly rising cases in Florida are the biggest concern. However, the NBA Execs and players are also concerned about the ongoing protests. The period of transactions to fill the empty roster spots starts today. However, this has to be used properly as some players have already decided not to play the rest of the season.

Davis Bertans

The small sharpshooting forward has decided to sit out for the rest of the season. Bertans suffered a quad injury in December. The Wizards are already out of the playoffs if we look at it realistically. This is why the decision to protect his health and focus on recovery is supported by the Washington Wizards.

Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza is one of the most crucial trade picks for the Blazers. Ariza was supposed to be the glue who holds the team together through to the Playoffs spots. Unfortunately, for the Blazers, Ariza finds himself in a no-brainer situation.

Ariza won the case over his child’s custody. However, the court has only granted him one month’s custody. This period falls within the NBA restart. The NBA restart rules clarify that the players cannot bring any visitor to the complex. This is the reason why Ariza has decided to sit out the NBA restart. However, it not yet confirmed if the NBA will impose a salary deduction on Ariza. At the very least, Ariza will lose $2.1 Million because of the games he will not play.

Undecided Players

Several players are yet to decide whether they are going to play in the NBA restart or not. One of the most noticeable players is Kyrie Irving, the very vocal point guard for the Brooklyn Mets. The speculation is that he will not play in the NBA restart. However, there is still time for him to change his mind.

Dwight Howard is another player who is yet to decide on whether he will play in the NBA restart or not. Howard stated last week that

A championship is important, but fighting against social injustice is much more relevant.

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