NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis to Play in the Lakers vs Clippers Game Despite Thumb Injury

Anthony Davis Lakers vs Clippers Game

Anthony Davis has been playing exceptionally well for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2019 NBA Preseason games but it could soon hit a snag. Davis was injured in the last game against the Brooklyn Nets which could lead to him missing the starting few games for NBA 2019-20 season. The Lakers are dependent on Davis so much and it was evident from the Warriors and Nets game.

It is why the Lakers lost to Brooklyn after Davis was out of the game due to a thumb injury. While MRI and other diagnoses are still not out, it is unclear how much Anthony Davis will take to recover. But the Lakers vs Clippers game on October 22 is morally so important, Davis might play in there despite his thumb injury.

Injury Report of Anthony Davis

Injury Report of Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis was injured in the recent game of Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets where his right thumb was injured. Luckily, there is no ligament damage, but the Lakers would treat it with caution as they can’t risk their most important team members.

The injury is right now considered as a Grade 1 sprain which happened in the first quarter of the game. Davis will undergo an MRI test on Sunday after which it will be more clear about his recovery schedule. It is not known yet whether Anthony Davis will be cleared by the team physicians for the Clippers game, but he won’t sit out for sure.

Lakers vs Clippers is More than a Game

Lakers vs Clippers is More than a Game

NBA preseason games might not be important but the 2019 regular season game has to be taken seriously. Lakers vs Clippers game on October 22 marks the start of their regular season rivalry at the Staples Center. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George remain the biggest threat to LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the Lakers vs Clippers game.

However, even Paul George is not fully recovered from his shoulder injuries, and might not play in the game. It means the Lakers can take their time and only let Davis play if it is absolutely necessary.

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